Bethany Shadburne Joins; Europe & Asia Semifinal Predictions

Bethany Shadburne, technically Bethany Flores now, joins the podcast to share her weekend at the North America West Semifinal where she finished 5th and will be heading back to the CrossFit Games this year.

Then, John Young and Brian Spin give their predictions of who will be qualifying for the Games (Tyler Watkins sat this one out as he felt like the north side of a southbound pig). Who will the guys pick at the top of the men’s and women’s podium? Will it be Lazar Djukic or Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson on the men’s side? On the women’s side, can anyone beat Laura Horvath?

And who do we think will fall short this weekend? Both the men’s and women’s field are stacked and it is guaranteed that some Games veterans will not be returning to Madison. But who?

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