CrossFit Calls Out Internet “Coach” on Twitter

A video of a back squat, Olympic lift or kipping pull-up rarely gets posted without someone making comments about how that movement is dangerous or a no rep. Generally these comments by Internet “coaches” are ignored, but every once in a while they are called out.

Yesterday was one of those times.

CrossFit posted a classic video of Annie Sakamoto and Greg Amundson doing “Fran” from over 10 years ago. Shortly after the post, @KaitlynWalsh40 commented, “her knees are gonna be hurtin in a few years.” CrossFit wouldn’t let this comment slide…









  1. It is all relative. I was a powerlifter in the 1980’s played Football. Today in my 50’s I still do my chest and shoulder and leg workouts similarly , a little lighter but with reps of 100 pushups in between into the thousands of weightless pushups and squats
    . People always telling me “your going to hurt your shoulders.” It has never happened.
    But I have a friend who did it for a month and was getting rotater surgery. So you could develop “bad knees” then again maybe not. It is to whatever your physiological disposition is.

  2. I’ve suffered with my knees all my life (hupermobility, trochlear displaysia – no patella grooves, and arthritis). I started crossfit in summer 2016 and my knees have never been better. I now run and snowboard, two things I never thought possible

    • Had a doctor once feel my shoulder and go “Oooooh” I said “What?” He said,”You have arthristis in your shoulder.”
      I said,”What do you want me to do?”
      He said “Keep doing what youre doing. ”
      So I am.

  3. Don’t usually get into these conversations any more— but as a 63 year old who has litarily saved my life and corrected 100’s of deviations through similar workouts I’d like to point out:

    1. I am still able to do things others 1/2 my age can’t do because I never quit corrective exercise and challenging work outs.

    2. I still help others by the same methods.

    3. Anyone who criticizes the previous video, hasn’t the knowledge nor the eyes to see the differences between correct movement and incorrect movement— and it’s impact on injuries!

    Carry on my friends…

  4. I wonder if KaitlynWalsh40’s knee comment is based on research, or is based on a gym (or athletic) myth. If she’s still here, maybe she will comment. I ask because I know that in yoga I hear lots of body info that is not based on research. I don’t mean that it is not true, but rather that it is opinion until it is supported by something more than opinion.
    Having said that, it is my opinion that CrossFit has cured all my little aches and pains, and I’m certainly in the oldest 10% of participants.

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