Smith Brothers Qualify for the CrossFit Games

Brothers Ben and Alec Smith both qualify for the 2017 CrossFit Games.
Brothers Ben and Alec Smith both qualify for the 2017 CrossFit Games.

While Ben Smith was making headlines for having a slow start, Ben’s brother Alec was quietly having a great weekend. Alec, the middle brother of the three Smith brothers, also started a bit slow with a 10th and 12th place finish to begin Friday, but with two solid top 4 finishes on Saturday, Alec was in the top 5 and in contention.

Heading into Sunday, Alec was in the top 5 while Ben was in unfamiliar territory, 7th. Alec would take two 6th place finishes and move up to end the Atlantic Regional in 2nd place. Ben would also move up into 3rd overall after 2nd and 7th place finishes.

Here is an interview with Ben and Alec following the announcement.

The third Smith brother, Dane, took 24th overall, but might have been dealing with a pec injury.

The rest of the top 5 to qualify for the CrossFit Games was Noah Ohlsen, Travis Mayer and Ryan Elrod. Ohlsen dominated throughout the weekend to win the Regional, while Travis Mayer needed some magic on the final event. Mayer, sitting in 7th with Event 6 remaining, blitzed the field to take the event win. The 100 points would vault Mayer into 4th and Nathan Bramblett, 5th heading in, would end up moving down to 6th, just 7 points shy of Elrod.

Final Standings:
1. Noah Ohlsen (498)
2. Alec Smith (455)
3. Ben Smith (448)
4. Travis Mayer (445)
5. Ryan Elrod (443)
6. Nathan Bramblett (436)
7. Jacob Anderson (403)

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