Pec Injury Watch – Week 3

Adrian Mundwiler injures pec on Event 2 of the 2017 CrossFit Meridian Regional
Adrian Mundwiler injures pec on Event 2 of the 2017 CrossFit Meridian Regional

We have a running list of athletes who have torn, strained or somehow injured their pec on the rings during or leading up to Regionals this year. The count before this weekend was 25, but it’s already growing.

Stay tuned to this article for the latest pec injuries in the Meridian, Atlantic and West Regionals.

1. Phil Hesketh

Phil Hesketh was looking to make his comeback in 2017. After fracturing his hand prior to the start of last season, Hesketh came in with a chance to qualify for the CrossFit Games. But the rings found their next victim with Hesketh. On his round of 15 Hesketh came down from the rings and grabbed his left pec. Medical staff then escorted Hesketh off the floor. While he met the minimum work requirement and could continue, it appears his season is over.

2. Adrian Mundwiler

During Event 1 Sean Woodland, one of the commentators at the Meridian Regional, mentioned that Adrian Mundwiler was dealing with a shoulder injury that he suffered in the week leading up to Regionals. Mundwiler would end up taking 4th in the first event. However, he would not be on the floor for Event 2 as he had withdrawn from the competition. Woodland added to his earlier comment that it was an injury to his right shoulder, pec area. So add Mundwiler to the growing list.

Phil Hesketh injures pec on Event 2 of the 2017 CrossFit Meridian Regional
Phil Hesketh injures pec on Event 2 of the 2017 CrossFit Meridian Regional

3. Ates Boran

Back on May 15, Ates Boran shared a photo on Instagram stating that he injured his pectoral muscle in preparation for regionals. He added that he was going to do everything possible to speed up his recovery with 20 days until he competed in the Meridian Regional. Boran would take 40th on Event 1 and would later withdraw from Event 2.

4. Davide Marini (maybe)

Davide Marini finished 39th in Event 1, but did not make it on the floor for Event 2. We don’t have an official reason for the withdrawal, but given how things have been going so far, a pec injury is the likely culprit.

5. Jeff Evans

Jeff Evans started Event 2 by crushing the 21 dumbbell snatches. They looked effortless. But on the first several ring dips, Evans became the latest victim of a pec injury. Evans came down from the rings grabbing his left pec. At that moment you could tell he knew his weekend was over.

Jeff Evans injures left pec on Event 2 of the CrossFit Atlantic Regional.
Jeff Evans injures left pec on Event 2 of the CrossFit Atlantic Regional.

6. Mitch Wagner

Mitch Wagner was off to a great start on Event 2. He was the first to the rings in the final heat of the West Regional. He knocked out three quick ring dips and then injury struck. Wagner then came down from the rings on his fourth rep and grabbed his pec. At that moment, his weekend would be over as he would be unable to complete the remaining ring dips to meet the minimum work requirement.

7. Marlon Azurdia

Marlon Azurdia is the 7th victim of the rings this weekend. After taking 26th on Event 1 at the West Regional, Azurdia was warming up for the dumbbell snatch and ring dip couplet when he injured his pec. Azurdia would not make the floor for the next event and his weekend would be over.

8. Dane Smith (Likely)

Dane Smith had a great 4th place finish on Event 2, but it looks like he might have injured his pec in the process (a la Dan Bailey). Unlike Bailey, however, Smith would take the floor for Event 3. He would struggle on it and would end up being time capped while still on the second set of wall balls. After the time cap, Smith would be seen grabbing his left pec and wincing in pain. While we don’t have 100% confirmation, it is very likely Smith has injured his pec.

9. Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson finished Event 2 under the time cap, but not without injuring himself before it was over. Gibson withdrew before Event 3 on Saturday because of a small pec tear. He pulled out to avoid further injury.

10. Chris Killian

Chris Killian strained his pec in the week leading up to the Atlantic Regional. During the warm-up prior to the start of Event 2, Killian felt it and adjusted his plan to just make it through the workout. Fortunately, it did not completely tear, however, Killian would be unable to make it past Event 5 and the 45 ring muscle-ups.

After a lot of back and forth, I have decided to withdraw from the @crossfitgames Atlantic Regional competition. I strained my pec in the week leading up doing a light bench press and didn’t tell anyone but @juliacagney because I didn’t want to give the injury any power over me by speaking about it. During my warm up for event 2, I felt it and knew my plans for the event had to change. I made it through but as you can imagine the pain got worse. Luckily I didn’t tear it so my plans were to just finish the weekend. I made it through day ✌🏾but as I write this post I still cannot support myself in the bottom of a dip. Due to this, I have made the decision to withdraw to avoid further injury and prevent myself from sabotaging my 2018 season. I thank all #killianklan, @hardbat_crossfit and @northstar.fitgroup family for all your love, support and messages this weekend. I love all you guys. We WILL be back! Good luck to all my friends and competitors heading into day 3, leave it all out there! @teamjd_cffs @officialstarknolimits @thebarbellcartel #killianklan #blameitonCJ #teamJD #hardbatcrossfit #starkenergy #barbellcartel #crossfit

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11. Mack Unruh

Mack Unruh is another athlete that injured his pec while on the floor of Event 2. Knowing that he would be unable to do the 45 muscle-ups on Sunday, Unruh’s goal from that point on was to just finish Day 2. He met his goal and ended up withdrawing before Event 5.

It’s hard to to put into words how I feel. For everyone that has been following me, I had to withdraw from the competition due to a left pec tear in event 2. I did not want to quit after one day so for me I set a goal to finish day two with all I have knowing Sunday with muscle ups wasn’t going to happen. This isn’t how I saw this weekend going for me but I know there is a greater plan for me whether I like it or not. I just want to thank everyone from @crossfitbillings, family and friends for their support and encouragement through the journey. Thank you to @crossfitinvictus @tinomarini @cjinvictus For the coaching and training, 2018 will be a great year I know it! And thank you to my wife @cjeanunruh who I am nothing without, you are my biggest fan and always have my back thank you and I love you. I had my five minutes of asking why me and feeling sorry for myself but you have to put a smile on and enjoy what you were given. I am coming back 2018 so be ready. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. -Jeremiah 29:11 @crossfitgames @crossfit #westregionals #crossfit #thankful #godisgood #invictusathlete

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