Pec Tears at Regionals…36!

Henry Lopez injured during Event 2 of California Regional.
Henry Lopez injured during Event 2 of California Regional.

The list of pec injuries continued to grow this weekend. We have updated the list to include Week 3 injuries as well. As far as we can tell, there were 36 pec tears at Regionals (or in the days leading up to competition).

There has also been a lot of talk about tears versus strains. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), a strain is “is damage to muscle fibers and to
the other fibers that attach the muscle to the bone. Other names for a strain include ‘torn muscle’, ‘muscle pull’ and ‘ruptured tendon’.” There are three degrees of strains (1st, 2nd and 3rd), all include some degree of tissue tearing.

Regardless of the definition, the fact is that 36 athletes (35 men and 1 woman) either withdrew from competition, were eliminated due to not meeting minimum work requirements or just couldn’t compete at the highest level.

The intent of the article is not to point fingers or to place blame on the programming, CrossFit, the athletes, the movement standards, the space between the rings or anything else. Instead, we wanted to provide a comprehensive list of athletes who were affected by a pec injury over the past month.

So with that, we have done our best to compile a complete list of every athlete who has injured their pec either preparing for regionals or while on the floor. If we have missed anyone in the list below, please drop us a note in the comment section below!

1. Alex Vigneault

Alex Vigneault was the first athlete that we knew about to injury his pec. Vigneault shared his injury with CrossFit the night before the start of the East Regional that he might not be able to compete. He would ultimately withdraw from the competition Friday morning before taking the floor. Little did we know this would be the start of numerous pec injuries.

I’m sorry to all of you. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. This situation is out of my control and the only thing I can change is the way I react to it. The last few days were very tough mentally but I have amazing people around me. Tomorrow in the warm-up area, if I can’t do a ring dip, the 2017 season will be over for me. I’m sorry. I promise that in 2018 I will be back. @crossfitgames . . . #Repost @crossfitphotojournal (@get_repost) ・・・ HT @crossfitgames, Canada East’s top seed has a partial pec tear and said he’s “5 percent” likely to compete at the #EastRegional tomorrow. Alex Vigneault explained that he injured the pec in training on the last rep of Event 2. He’ll make the call tomorrow after warm-up. “I can’t even do a ring dip right now. Not even a push-up.” He’d prefer recovery time of about 5 weeks for a partial tear to 5 months for a total tear, which would set back his training to be a police officer. He’s thinking long term and will most likely be on the sidelines Friday. 📷 @crossfit204 #CrossFitGames #CrossFit #TheRegionals #EastRegional

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2. Corey Lunney

Corey Lunney came out on fire on Event 2 at the East Regional. His ring dips were on a blistering pace until he felt a tear in his left pec. And just like that, Lunney’s 2017 CrossFit Games season was over.

This is not an easy post to write. During the first set of ring dips in Event 2 I felt a tear in my left pec muscle. I was unable to continue in the event, and because of that I had to withdraw from the competition. • It’s always tough when a whole year of hard work, sacrifice, and training ends in the blink of an eye. It’s especially tough because I felt I brought my best fitness to regionals this year, and I also thought the events were great for me. But sometimes things are out of our control and all we can do it move forward. • I wanted to post this to thank each and every person who has shown me support and has reached out. I want to thank all of my sponsors for everything they have done for me leading up to this weekend. @mission6nutrition @misfitathletics @dawnofthyme @fitaid @sharpentheaxe @virusintl • Thanks so much to the #shrewcrew both at home and who traveled who support me all year. It means so much to me and I would never want to go through any of this without you. Another huge thank you to my parents who support me in each and every thing that I do. Thanks for always being there for me! • Now it’s time to try to rest up and recover and supoort @clauuddss and @avazquez03 and the rest of the #misfit crew all weekend! On to the 2018 season.

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3. Chase Smith

This was supposed to be Chase Smith’s year. Smith barely missed qualifying for the CrossFit Games last year, and he looked strong early on Friday. On Event 2, Smith was battling back and forth with Mat Fraser. But on the set of 15 ring dips, Chase fell to the ground in extreme pain and his season was over.

As individuals we draw out plans for ourselves, we visualize and attempt to execute. Our plans are merely rough drafts, a number of blue prints to lead us towards success and reach our goals. All we can do is prepare to the best of our abilities, in hopes to reach the best possible outcome. – As we set out following our plans, obstacles tend to follow. Whether they are good or bad, they are part of the experience; the learning portion. We need to embrace them both. These experiences, these obstacles are the bricks we use to help build the road we travel on to reach our finish product. – To say this past weekend didn’t go as planned, or it was not what I had drawn out would be an understatement. It has been by far the hardest thing I’ve had to accept. So many emotions have run through me since the weekend. I am uncertain exactly what is next for me and that scares me more than anything. – I have come to understand this is just another obstacle, another experience, another building brick to embrace and learn. I may be scared of the uncertainty but I am far from scared to experience it. – That fear is driven away not by me but by those around me. All the support and love from everyone has been overwhelming. I don’t think any words can be said to even come close to how grateful I am. – Fight is not over!! – Thank you to the @crossfit community and competitor for keeping me in your thoughts. Thank you to the @crossfitfree community for all your love, always. Thank you to my sponsors @redlinegr @blonyx @completeathleticperformance @treatmentroominc for always standing behind me and supporting and believing in me since the beginning. #crossfit #community #grateful #livetolearn #learntolive #staystrong #eyesforward #neverlookback #theresmoretocome #bumblebee #building #becomplete #embraceit

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4. Christian Harris

Christian Harris went to the CrossFit Games last season with CrossFit Dymanix. He and the team finished just off the podium in 4th place. In 2017, Harris elected to compete as an individual. While Event 1 did not go to plan (he finished 34th), Event 2 was even worse. In the final heat Harris stopped in the middle of his ring dips after feeling a ‘pop’ in his right pec.

Well, this weekend definitely didn’t go as planned. Felt a pop in my right pec during the ring dips in Event 2 and had to withdraw from the competition. Although I’m extremely bummed out about the situation, I know there has to be a reason for this. It was an honor competing alongside the East Regional competitors. I’m so thankful to have my wife, family, friends, and community behind me. Thank you to every person who reached out with an encouraging word and my coaches and sponsors for their unwavering support. Grateful for this obstacle and excited to see what’s in store for the future. __________________________________________________ @niketraining @puorilife @romwod @victorygrips @goattape @crossfitgames #resiliency #bounceback #eastregional #freedomboys

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5. Kyle Cant

Kyle Cant started Event 2 in the second heat next to Cody Mooney. Cant would start with a strong round of 21 and would get past his round of 15 dumbbell snatches. However, on his round of 15 ring dips Cant would end up tearing his right pec. On the live stream Mooney is shown running back to do his set of 9 ring dips while Cant is holding his right pec. Cant’s weekend would be over.

Well not the way I would’ve imagined my 2017 season ending!! It’s no ones fault and there’s no one to blame, you never foresee yourself getting injured. I was confident going into regional weekend, the workouts were well suited for me, but things happen for a reason and it’s time to put the past in the past. This minor set back won’t define me I will come back stronger from this!! The support around me is truly amazing. My Windsor Crossfit family, thank you soooo much everyone who helped support me on my journey this year and everyone who reached out to me this weekend.. My beautiful girlfriend Jaleesa who is always by my side I couldn’t do it without you!! Time to recover and get back to the drawing board. Coming back next year with a vengeance. Stronger and faster for 2018!!! #KennyStronger

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6. Nick Paladino

This was Nick Paladino’s first season competing in the Open division. Paladino, the two-time CrossFit Games champion in the Teen 16-17 division, qualified for Regionals and started off strong with a 4th place finish on Event 1. In the warm-up area for Event 2, Paladino injured himself on the rings. He would go on to take the floor on Event 2 and took it easy to avoid further damage to his pec. He finished 22nd on the event and would go on to compete on Saturday. However, he would withdraw before Event 5 on Sunday.

7. Michael McKenna

Michael McKenna is one that hasn’t come up when trying to recount the number of athletes with a pec injury. McKenna withdrew after finishing Event 2 at the South Regional. In an Instagram post, McKenna said that he tore his pec on the 6th rep in the set of 9 ring dips. He managed finish the final three reps thanks to the crowd and adrenaline, but he knew he was done for the weekend.

8. Khan Porter

Similar to Nick Paladino, Khan Porter injured his pec in the warm-up area leading up to Event 2. Porter felt a tweak in his right pec and the pain got worse. After consulting with the CrossFit medical staff Porter decided to risk further injury by continuing to compete. His rationale…2017 is likely his last season competing as an individual. Porter made it through the entire weekend and was in the hunt through the final event. Porter would fall just short and ended up in 7th overall.

#RegionalsDiary Event 2. What a whirlwind of emotions. Prior to regionals I tested event 2 a couple of times, racked up as much ring dip volume as I could and had a cheeky feeling I might sneak an event win on it. In the warm up area I jumped on the rings, banged out a few dips and instantly felt my right pec tweak. I’ve never had an injury to my chest and never had issues doing dips. I tried again and the pain got worse. I started to stress haha. I had @dr.nickpapas work through it, then had the CrossFit Games medical team doctor take a look and she advised me she could feel a slight deviation in the pec and that if I were to continue the competition I would seriously risk tearing my pec from the bone and would recommend withdrawing from the event. I told myself this will be my last season competing as an individual, so choosing to pull out on a maybe did not sit well with me and after a textbook KP emotional moment I decided to continue anyway. The doctor recommended then that I do my dips as strict as possible and err on the side of caution. I ripped into the workout and found myself clear ahead of the pack going into the final round of 9 dips. Still trying to stay strict I began getting no repped for not moving my hips enough below the rings. This is a standard I’ve never practiced when doing strict dips and in the heat of the moment, with my pec the way it was I couldn’t seem to get into a rhythm with my kip and ended up doing around 25 dips to get the full set of 9 out, placing 10th overall in the workout. NOTE this was not a bad judging call at all, I just couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong and how to fix it in time, that’s totally on me. Though I was incredibly frustrated at the time, in hindsight I made a decision to change my strategy in that workout to try and prevent further injury and that decision has allowed me to continue in the competition for the time being, which I am so stoked about! I can’t thank the medical staff enough for their help before and after this event, particularly the sports doc dealing with an emotional athlete wouldn’t be an easy task at all haha. Onward to day 2! #SilverLining

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9. Antonio Barrias

Antonio Barrias competed in the Pacific Regional this weekend. You likely did not hear about his as he was not near the top of the leaderboard and he competed in the middle of the night if you are in the United States. Regardless, Barrias injured his shoulder on Event 2 and would not finish the final nine ring dips.

10. Adam Mansy

Adam Nansy is another Pacific Regional athlete you have not heard of before. Nansy “suffered a slight pec tear” while warming up for Event 2. He was unable to pass the medical test to take the floor and attempt the workout. Nansy would have to withdraw from the rest of the competition.

11. Eric Carmody

Eric Carmody finished 1st in the Asia region during the CrossFit Open. Carmody had a shot at sneaking into the top 5 at the Pacific Regional as he had qualified for the CrossFit Games back in 2014. But this year leading up to regionals, Carmody “sustained a chest strain” (i.e. pec injury) a week prior to competition. After consulting with several doctors, Carmody decided against competing and withdrew from the Pacific Regional.

12. Kosta Ilic

Kosta Ilic was never in contention for a spot to the CrossFit Games out of the Pacific Regional, but that might be because he suffered a partial pec tear 17 days leading up to competition. On top of his pec injury, Ilic’s back locked up on Event 1. Ilic was able to complete the minimum work requirement on Event 2 (round of 21) and continued onto Saturday. Ilic made it through Saturday although he was experiencing significant pain. He would decide on Sunday morning to withdraw.

Well that was an interesting experience. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong this year. 17 days out from regionals I suffered a partial pec tear which changed everything leading into this years regional competition. Mentally I was fine, accepted what had happened however I did not want to withdraw from competition. The goal was to get through event 2 which involved ring dips and then make day 2. Well on the first event on day 1 my back completely locked up after 7 rounds which made the whole workout extremely painful. No idea why, I just kept pushing through the event. I ended up finishing however was locked up for a good hour where I physically couldn’t touch my toes. Come event 2, I decided to do all my dips strict and ensure there was no dynamic forces on the pec. After finishing this workout I made the minimum work requirement and achieved my goal of competing on day 2. Come day 2 however, I was experiencing intense pins and needles and tingling sensations during event 3 which was obviously not a very good sign. I decided to continue competing and complete event 4 however the body would not give 100% Today I decided to withdraw from competition as there is truly no point putting my body through any more pain and damage. I have learnt a lot from this experience and just wanted to let people know what had happened. Regardless of everything, Regionals is always a highlight of my year. To all the competitors, male and female, keep ripping into it. To my sponsors @2115nine @flexfitnessequipment @verveperformance @patriotem thank you for being by myside and showing me the support. To all my family, friends ans supporters, I promise to be back next year a little more healthy 🙂 #CrossFit #2115Nine #FlexFitnessEquipment #PatriotsEM #VerveRecovery #CrossFitDignus #PacificRegionals

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13. Haydn Wolfsbauer

Haydn Wolfsbauer suffered a grade 1 pec tear a week before competition began in Wollongong, Australia, for the Pacific Regional. Wolfsbauer would start Event 1, but would be pulled off the floor by medical staff. He would end up withdrawing from Event 2 after further examination by CrossFit’s medical staff.

Where do I start! 🤔🤔 What a year of @crossfit personally for me, I’m the fittest I’ve ever been best placing in the open, and I’m not even sure I’ll be able to top that placing but ill give it a red hot run next year. Week before regionals I tore my pec only grade 1 so I thought I would let it heal and hopefully it would be ok, it wasn’t and I made it worse in event 1 and was stopped by the medical staff. They then ran me through event 2 out in the warm up area where I tore it even more which is now a grade 2 tear, I’m thankful for the medical staff at regionals that they made me do this, if I was to tear it off the bone there would be no competing next year for me, and maybe might not come back from a injury like that! Thanks to everyone that supports me from @crossfitdevour @alphafit_aus @jaw_global @bodyscience feel like I have let the team down, but I’ll make it up to everyone next year. To all the competitors that competed this week you are all weapons with crazy work ethic especially the ones for coming back year after year and performing at the highest level. To the top 5 girls guys and teams that have made the next step best of luck especially the Kiwi teams yiiieeewww! And to a good friend of mine @rickygarard show them what you’ve got bro, long future ahead in this sport. Last but not least my wife @christinawolfsbauer 😍😍 woman can put up with some shit that’s for real 😂😂🙌🙌. #crossfit #pacificregionals #511tactical #crossfitgames

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14. Nick Urankar

Nick Urankar did one ring dip before he knew for certain his 2017 CrossFit Games season was over. Urankar injured his pec in the week leading up to the Central Regional. He was pretty sure he was going to be unable to finish the ring dips, but took the floor hoping for a miracle. Unfortunately, that miracle would not come and Urankar would not complete the minimum work requirement and was eliminated from competition.

I had a picture of myself being taped up last week that I saved and planned to post if something happened in the competition, but it wasn’t a true representation of me and where I am at. I realized this little girl tells a better story, Jada loves me and doesn’t care about anything except being happy, and me being happy with her is just way better!!! @chasingchelssie took this picture and Atley is at home with her GIGI. They are what was before competition and they will be everything after. I love what I do and love doing it with them. I understand there is a plan for what happened though I am currantly in the dark on what that is. We will pray about it and I am sure the answers will be greater then anything we can try to conjure up ourselves. – – Thank you to all my sponsors and everyone who has reached out. I’ll be around the @crossfitgames #central regional still smiling and probably hanging around @2poodperformance @bearkomplex @greaterthan @rxsmartgear and @barshieldusa booths so come say hi! – My injury is not serious and again was something I was dealing with from last week. When I showed standards to the judges my pec gave out again and I was pretty sure I was done. Then the buzzer sounded and I realized my weekend was over now or I could go and hope for a miracle, I told the judge “I’m off” as they tried to stop me. The reality was I wasn’t getting through the Dips. #restday #pec #muscletech #crossfit #compete #allsmiles #thereisaplan @crossfit @crossfitgames #centralregional

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Urankar would hang around the Music City Center venue the rest of the weekend and even got talked into doing some Olympic lifts at the USA Weightlifting booth. While he joked that he couldn’t do a single push-up, cleaning almost 400 pounds and snatching 301 pounds did not hurt. Watch the videos we captured live below!

15. Dan Bailey

Dan Bailey crushed Event 2 taking 2nd in the heat. So it was quite the shock to hear that Bailey had withdrawn on Saturday morning. Bailey told CrossFit that it was too risky to continue on with the competition, especially with 45 ring muscle-ups looming on Sunday.

16. Sam Dancer

Sam Dancer shared that he had a slight pec tear two weeks before the start of the Central Regional. He announced this after completing the events on Friday and said that he was healthy and ready for Day 2. But watching Dancer in person on Sunday, the ring muscle-ups were definitely affecting him. He would massage his pec after coming down from the rings in the later rounds and was wincing in pain. After the weekend was over, Dancer said he didn’t further injury himself, which is good news.

17. Kevin Schuetz

Kevin Schuetz said he was prepared for regionals this year. His times in practice were competitive, but the ring dips caught up with him on Friday afternoon. Schuetz would end up tearing his pec. He finished the event and came back Saturday to compete in Event 3, however he would withdraw before hitting the floor for Event 4.

18. Ryan Sowder

Ryan Sowder finished all six events at the Central Regional finishing 30th overall. Sowder did all of this while contending with a strained pec all weekend. Sowder’s worst finish, as expected with his injury, was Event 2 where he took 38th. His next worst finish was Event 5 with the 45 ring muscle-ups.

19. Matt Rattay

If you watched Heat 2 of Event 4 at the Central Regional you likely say Matt Rattay nearly running on his hands on the two 30-foot handstand walk segments. That amazing performance almost never happened. Rattay’s pec “felt like someone stuck a knife in it” while warming up for the event. That would be Rattay’s final event of the weekend.

First off thank you to everyone for ALL the support and love. I don’t think I would have made it past day one without all the support from friends, family, coaches and fellow competitors. During my warm-up for event number 4 my Pec felt like someone stuck a knife in it 😳. So with the help of @airrosti I was able to hold it together for at least event 4. And did you really think I was going to pass up a workout with hs walks? 🤣 At the end of the day all I can do is my best and I honestly believe I did just that. God has a plan for me and I cannot wait to see where he takes me this year. If you think I’ve given up, you are sorely mistaken. The 🔥 has only been stoked more and I cannot wait to get back to training my weaknesses (which seems to be….CrossFit 🤔 lol). God has a reason for everything. But it is up to us as to how we react to things. I haven’t lost my faith in my Father and I know He will always take care of me. He never gives us anything we cannot handle. I want to thank all of my sponsors for standing by me this whole trip. I hope that I haven’t lost your faith in me as well 😅. Bryn @3kingshq my coach, you have been nothing but great to me, and for that I am eternally grateful. I trust you and your coaching and wouldn’t have even been able to get here without it. You only ever set me up with things that are in my favor and even put me in front of your own interests and I know that and I am thankful to call you coach but more importantly friend. Finally but not least, my girlfriend @katieayng I love you babe, and I can’t wait for us to get back at it together. Without you standing by my side, dieing with me in training I would have been alone the whole way. You helped me push harder than I wanted and even no repped me a few times to keep my honest. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect person to spend my life with. All I want out of CrossFit isnt the fame, glory or money. All I want is to shine the light of the Lord and make everyone around me know that a life in Christ, while hard at times, always ends with a smile on your face and a heart filled with joy. Love your friend, Matt “Mighty Mouse” Rattay

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20. Christian Lucero

Christian Lucero was destroying the California Regional through two days. Two event wins, a 2nd place and 5th place finish put Lucero easily in 1st place and well on his way to qualifying for a return trip to the CrossFit Games. Then Event 5 happened. On the first set of 21 ring muscle-ups, Lucero came down in pain and holding his pec. That would be his last rep, just one minute into Sunday. Lucero would not meet the minimum work requirement and would be disqualified from the competition.

As disheartening as the result of the weekend was, there is so much to be excited about. Just to update everyone, I was dealing with a pec strain coming into regionals, and didn’t know how much I would able to do once I saw the announcement of the workouts. Regardless I trained my ass off in the hopes of being healthy enough to compete. Unfortunately during Event 5 I felt the strain flaring up and was not able to continue the workout, which disqualified me from finishing the rest of the weekend. Thankfully after getting a full evaluation, it is looking like it is nothing too serious and will be a short recovery. I’m excited for the direction that the sport is going and this was by far my favorite regional so far. To everyone that is complaining about the programming and injuries, this is an incredibly physically demanding sport and in any competition there are going to be injuries. We are pushing the limits of human performance and operating at the highest level, so of course there are always going to be injuries. That is just a part of the game! I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support and kind words. This train isn’t slowing down, I’m only getting better. #crossfitgames #crossfit #crossfitphotojournal

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21. Henry Lopez

Henry Lopez started the California Regional off with a great start. A 7th place finish on Event 1 put Lopez in good position until he felt a “gunshot to my left pec” on the 7th rep of the round of 9 ring dips. Just several reps away from finishing the workout, Lopez’s time at the California Regional was over.

I can’t put into words how bad this sucks. I’ve accepted that it was out of my control. In The second event on my 7th Rep of 9 reps, I felt what seemed like a gunshot to my lelt pec. There was nothing I could do. As athletes we beat ourselves up more then anybody can imagine. I know this happened for a reason and this was supposed to happen regardless of the preparation I put fourth. I want to thank all the people who have supported me this year. I’m sorry things went this way, this isn’t how it ends for me, I’ll be back! All I can do is support my crew and be there 💯 for all my friends out there doing work! I’m beyond grateful for having the best crew of support around me. It means so much to read all the DM’s and text messages from people showing support. You guys are amazing and definitely give me more purpose! Again, I’ll be back! “More chune for your head top so watch how you speak on my name ya know” @tinomarini thank you for all you’ve done to get me ready for the year. I’m beyond grateful for your friendship and mentorship. @cjinvictus thanks for always being there for me when I need to be saved from myself. @garretmfisher @holdenrethwill @laurenfisher @maddy.myers1 @life_oflilo @leah.melissa @bridgesj3 @flynnm_ @xendurance @crossfitinvictus @crossfitgames @aneugebauer_ @cfspencerm @scottswish @tridentcoffee #crossfit #crossfitgames @aculove @sarahloogman @jennilyn33 @wespiatt2013 @iamchrisharris #invictusathlete #GOOD #SENDIT

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22. Nolan Gouveia

While a 38th place finish on Event 1 wasn’t going to help Nola Gouveia’s bid to qualify for the Games, he never would have expected to have to withdraw after tearing his pec on the next event. Gouveia would not finish the round of 21 and would have to withdraw from the competition.

Competing on the Regionals floor was one of the most awesome experiences of my life. Although my first Regional was cut short due to injury, this weekend was only possible because of my beautiful wife and everything she sacrificed so I could train at this level. Jenn took over the business, sacrificed time with me by letting me go train, she helped keep me healthy by reminding me to stretch and swim, and she took care of me during my numerous injuries getting ready for this weekend. Jenn kept my head level and kept me sane through this whole process. The amount of love, care, and support I felt from her these past months is something I’ll always remember and always keep close to my heart. Regionals was great, but getting to spend forever with you is the greatest gift of all! I love you @jenn_cfk

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23. Ben Stoneberg

The West Regional starts in three days, but one athlete is already battling a pec injury. Ben Stoneburg, a four-time CrossFit Games veteran, has been “dealing with a pec issue since last Monday. With almost two weeks to heal, keep an eye on whether Stoneberg is able to make it through Event 2 and be competitive all weekend long. [UPDATE: Stoneberg attempted Event 2, but called it after attempting one ring dip. Stoneberg indicated that he did not want to risk further injury and believes he can return to training in the next couple of weeks.]

24. Brody Brock

Brody Brock made it through all six events at the East Regional back on the first weekend of competition. However, Brock partially tore his pec on Event 2, finishing in a respectable 4:04. After the injury, Airrosti told him that if he continued he would need to be “strict and controlled” the rest of the way. Brock did just that and was able to make it through Event 6, although he was never in contention.

So for those that don’t know, I unfortunately partially tore my pec during event two this past weekend at regionals. The @airrosti people told me that if I decided to continue, everything would need to be strict and controlled… I sat down with my mom and started to cry… not only was I in pain, but I now couldn’t compete the way I worked so hard to do… God has a plan and purpose for everything.. instead of getting angry and upset at the circumstances, I moved forward and trusted that God has a plan for me.. sometimes our timing doesn’t always align with Gods will. My body has been telling me to rest for a while and it’s finally time to listen. Thank you to all my friends and family who have been there for me leading up, during, and after the event.. you guys are a constant remind for how blessed I really am. And thank you to everyone @bricknewyork for your support. It means the world to me. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” – ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭46:1‬ #godsincontrol #illbeback

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25. Phil Hesketh

Phil Hesketh was looking to make his comeback in 2017. After fracturing his hand prior to the start of last season, Hesketh came in with a chance to qualify for the CrossFit Games. But the rings found their next victim with Hesketh. On his round of 15 Hesketh came down from the rings and grabbed his left pec. Medical staff then escorted Hesketh off the floor. While he met the minimum work requirement and could continue, it appears his season is over.

Adrian Mundwiler injures pec on Event 2 of the 2017 CrossFit Meridian Regional

26. Adrian Mundwiler

During Event 1 Sean Woodland, one of the commentators at the Meridian Regional, mentioned that Adrian Mundwiler was dealing with a shoulder injury that he suffered in the week leading up to Regionals. Mundwiler would end up taking 4th in the first event. However, he would not be on the floor for Event 2 as he had withdrawn from the competition. Woodland added to his earlier comment that it was an injury to his right shoulder, pec area. So add Mundwiler to the growing list.

27. Ates Boran

Back on May 15, Ates Boran shared a photo on Instagram stating that he injured his pectoral muscle in preparation for regionals. He added that he was going to do everything possible to speed up his recovery with 20 days until he competed in the Meridian Regional. Boran would take 40th on Event 1 and would later withdraw from Event 2.

28. Davide Marini (maybe)

Davide Marini finished 39th in Event 1, but did not make it on the floor for Event 2. We don’t have an official reason for the withdrawal, but given how things have been going so far, a pec injury is the likely culprit.

29. Jeff Evans

Jeff Evans started Event 2 by crushing the 21 dumbbell snatches. They looked effortless. But on the first several ring dips, Evans became the latest victim of a pec injury. Evans came down from the rings grabbing his left pec. At that moment you could tell he knew his weekend was over.

Jeff Evans injures left pec on Event 2 of the CrossFit Atlantic Regional.
Jeff Evans injures left pec on Event 2 of the CrossFit Atlantic Regional.

30. Mitch Wagner

Mitch Wagner was off to a great start on Event 2. He was the first to the rings in the final heat of the West Regional. He knocked out three quick ring dips and then injury struck. Wagner then came down from the rings on his fourth rep and grabbed his pec. At that moment, his weekend would be over as he would be unable to complete the remaining ring dips to meet the minimum work requirement.

31. Raven Barrett

Raven Barrett competed back in Week 1 at the South Regional. She (yes, the first female to come forward with a pec injury) wrote below in the comments section that she had suffered a pec injury. We followed up with her to get more information about her injury.

Barrett said that she had no symptoms leading up to the start of Event 2. She was able to complete the event, but woke up the next morning and could not raise her arm over her head in addition to swelling in the anterior shoulder area. Airrosti worked on it before the start of Event 3, got it taped it up and contemplated withdrawing. Barrett said she did not go to CrossFit medical for fear of being asked to withdraw. It was her first regional appearance and wanted to be able to finish all six events.

Barrett would go on to complete all six events. She was time capped on Event 3, but was able to finish the three remaining three events under the time cap. Following regionals, Barrett has been avoiding using her arm in workouts and believes it will be a couple more weeks until it is healthy. She says there was and still is noticeable “bunching” in her pec region.

32. Marlon Azurdia

Marlon Azurdia is the 7th victim of the rings this weekend. After taking 26th on Event 1 at the West Regional, Azurdia was warming up for the dumbbell snatch and ring dip couplet when he injured his pec. Azurdia would not make the floor for the next event and his weekend would be over.

33. Dane Smith (Likely)

Dane Smith had a great 4th place finish on Event 2, but it looks like he might have injured his pec in the process (a la Dan Bailey). Unlike Bailey, however, Smith would take the floor for Event 3. He would struggle on it and would end up being time capped while still on the second set of wall balls. After the time cap, Smith would be seen grabbing his left pec and wincing in pain. While we don’t have 100% confirmation, it is very likely Smith has injured his pec.

34. Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson finished Event 2 under the time cap, but not without injuring himself before it was over. Gibson withdrew before Event 3 on Saturday because of a small pec tear. He pulled out to avoid further injury.

35. Chris Killian

Chris Killian strained his pec in the week leading up to the Atlantic Regional. During the warm-up prior to the start of Event 2, Killian felt it and adjusted his plan to just make it through the workout. Fortunately, it did not completely tear, however, Killian would be unable to make it past Event 5 and the 45 ring muscle-ups.

After a lot of back and forth, I have decided to withdraw from the @crossfitgames Atlantic Regional competition. I strained my pec in the week leading up doing a light bench press and didn’t tell anyone but @juliacagney because I didn’t want to give the injury any power over me by speaking about it. During my warm up for event 2, I felt it and knew my plans for the event had to change. I made it through but as you can imagine the pain got worse. Luckily I didn’t tear it so my plans were to just finish the weekend. I made it through day ✌🏾but as I write this post I still cannot support myself in the bottom of a dip. Due to this, I have made the decision to withdraw to avoid further injury and prevent myself from sabotaging my 2018 season. I thank all #killianklan, @hardbat_crossfit and @northstar.fitgroup family for all your love, support and messages this weekend. I love all you guys. We WILL be back! Good luck to all my friends and competitors heading into day 3, leave it all out there! @teamjd_cffs @officialstarknolimits @thebarbellcartel #killianklan #blameitonCJ #teamJD #hardbatcrossfit #starkenergy #barbellcartel #crossfit

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36. Mack Unruh

Mack Unruh is another athlete that injured his pec while on the floor of Event 2. Knowing that he would be unable to do the 45 muscle-ups on Sunday, Unruh’s goal from that point on was to just finish Day 2. He met his goal and ended up withdrawing before Event 5.

It’s hard to to put into words how I feel. For everyone that has been following me, I had to withdraw from the competition due to a left pec tear in event 2. I did not want to quit after one day so for me I set a goal to finish day two with all I have knowing Sunday with muscle ups wasn’t going to happen. This isn’t how I saw this weekend going for me but I know there is a greater plan for me whether I like it or not. I just want to thank everyone from @crossfitbillings, family and friends for their support and encouragement through the journey. Thank you to @crossfitinvictus @tinomarini @cjinvictus For the coaching and training, 2018 will be a great year I know it! And thank you to my wife @cjeanunruh who I am nothing without, you are my biggest fan and always have my back thank you and I love you. I had my five minutes of asking why me and feeling sorry for myself but you have to put a smile on and enjoy what you were given. I am coming back 2018 so be ready. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. -Jeremiah 29:11 @crossfitgames @crossfit #westregionals #crossfit #thankful #godisgood #invictusathlete

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