CrossFit Games Athlete & World Record Holder, Mikaela Norman, to Compete at HYROX European Championships

The HYROX European Championships are just four days away on January 17. Most of the top HYROX athletes from around the will be heading to Maastricht, Netherlands, for the first major event of 2023. Included in those attending is Mikaela Norman, the current women’s HYROX world record holder.

Norman, a two-time CrossFit Games team athlete, set the world record this past November in a blistering 1:00:45. Norman’s toughest competitor is Megan Jacoby whose qualifying time was slightly a minute slower than Norman at 1:01:56. They will be joined by 13 other women in the elite division.

The men’s side will not have the world record holder, Hunter McIntyre, in attendance. However, Tiago Lousa will be in attendance. His qualifying time of 57:44 was the fastest in 2022, but is still quite a bit off of McIntyre’s 55:09 record.

Qualification for the elite race is earned via athletes’ performances in the regular season races in the Pro category with invites handed out based on the current rankings in the Elite 15 with invites not accepted being passed onto the following ranking individuals until 15 slots are filled.

Following the European Championships, the US Championships are slated for February 11 in Chicago. The World Championships will be held in Manchester, UK, on May 26.

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