Laura Horvath Finishes 7th at 2024 European Championships

Laura Horvath took to the weightlifting platform this evening in Sofia, Bulgaria, for the 2024 EWF European Championships. Horvath, who qualified for her home country, Hungary, competed in the 76kg weight category.

Horvath would start off strong first attempt with a successful 90kg snatch. After that, the reigning Fittest Woman on Earth would struggle as she failed to hit her second and third snatch attempt at 94kg.

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Moving to the clean and jerk, Horvath received three red lights for a press out on her first attempt at 115kg. She followed up with a clean lift at the same weight. Then, on her final attempt, Horvath bumped up the weight to 119kg, but failed on the jerk.

Horvath ended the day going 2-for-6 with a 205kg total, 10kg below her total three months ago at the Hungary National Championships. Horvath would take 7th overall in her weight category.

Watch all six of Horvath’s lifts below:

YouTube video

YouTube video

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