Laura Horvath Wins 2023 Hungary National Championship

Laura Horvath just keeps winning. Coming of wins at the CrossFit Games and Rogue Invitational, Horvath went back to her home country to compete in the 2023 Hungary National Championship.

Horvath, who competed in the 76kg weight category, went 5-for-6 on her way to win her weight division.

She was perfect on all three snatches, starting at 88kg (194 pounds) then 91kg (200 pounds) before hitting her final snatch at 95kg (209 pounds).

Then on clean and jerks, Horvath failed to lock out her first clean and jerk at 114kg (251 pounds). Instead of retrying the weight, she went up to 117kg (257 pounds) where she successfully lifted the weight. And then, with the championship already in hand, she bumped the weight up to 120kg (264 pounds) for her final attempt.

Horvath ended the day with a 215kg total thanks to her 95kg snatch and 120kg clean and jerk.

You can watch all six of her lifts below.

YouTube video

YouTube video

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