2023 Rogue Invitational Workouts & Schedule Released

If you remember last year’s Rogue Invitational, the workouts were not announced until the last minute thereby leaving viewers guessing what was coming up. This year Rogue is taking a different approach. This afternoon Rogue has announced the schedule for the nine scored events with workout descriptions for six of them.

The first scored event begins Thursday night at 6:00 pm Central Time with Texas Heavy. The workout details have yet to be released, but it is sponsored by GORUCK. Last year the event sponsored by GORUCK utilized a ruck during Texas Trail. But while GORUCK is known for its rucks, they have a line of “sand training equipment” that includes San Tombstones, heavy Sand Medicine Balls, Jerry Cans and Sand Kettlebells.

If you were paying attention to Instagram, Dallin Pepper shared a video of him trying to lift a 300-pound Sand D-Ball by GORUCK.

Then on Friday, athletes will take on two scored events before they face three events each day over the weekend. 

Here is the schedule of events and the workout description for all that have been announced.


6:00 PM Event 1 – Texas Heavy TBA


1:00 PM Event 2 – Seat the Bar For Time
20-15-10 (mens)
15-10-5 (womens)
Log Muscle Up
*5 Back Squat (375/260) after each
4:30 PM Event 3 – The Circus 3 rounds for time
40/32 Cal Ski Erg
5 Single Arm Strongman DB Shoulder to Overhead/side (100/70)
Killer Cage Down and Back


10:25 AM Event 4 – 10th Inning 10 rounds of
4 Ring MU
12 Power Snatch (95/65)
2:00 PM Event 5 – The Duel III TBA
5:55 PM Event 6 – Max Deadlift 1 RM Deadlift


9:30 AM Event 7 – Hulk Hands 30 Echo Bike Cals
20 Double Fatbell G2OH (70’s/53s)
75′ FR Lunge to Zeus (135/95)
Hill Sled Push
75′ FR Lunge to Zeus (135/95)
20 Double Fatbell G2OH (70’s/53s)
30 Echo Bike Cals
12:30 PM Event 8 – Big Cat 5 rounds for time
6 Box Jump (42/36)
2 peg board climb
Hill Run
2:25 PM Event 9 – The Cleanup TBA


YouTube video

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