The Crown Launches Search for New King and Queen

Last April, John Singleton and The Progrm launched The Crown, a new premier competition aimed at bridging the gap between teenagers and the highest level of the competitive landscape. “We want to give the future of the sport and event that is solely dedicated to them, categories that aren’t the main event often don’t have the same interest, we wanted to create an event exclusively for the next generation,” Singleton explained before the last Spring’s event on the island of Mallorca.

Last year Matus Kocar and Veronia Voriskova emerged victorious after battling sea swims, mini tests, classic CrossFit workouts, a gnarly hill cycle and beach run. The athletes who qualified were also given a taste of what elite competition can offer away from the competition floor. On arrival the athletes were shown to their rooms in ‘The Nike Castle’ before opening their personalised Nike lockers packed with goods from the sponsors. They also had GOWOD sessions with Willy George and Jacqueline Dahlstrom and the opportunity to pick their brains on training and competing.

Singleton became frustrated watching bright and promising teenage athletes lose interest in the sport due to a lack of opportunities and sense of community among the athletes. The Crown is his answer to the problem. The Crown will return to Mallorca next March and promises more of the same, while building on the impressive showing this year on the island. Singleton prides himself on the tests created and the unique nature of the competition with a mix of classic CrossFit in C23 as well as making use of the natural landscape of the island with sea swims, beach runs, mountain cycles and some mini tests thrown in across the weekend.

The qualifiers for the competition launch today along with a documentary on last year’s event, if you want a taste of what the competition brings before signing up for the 2024 iteration. “It’s a rule breaking competition that focuses fully on the next generation of CrossFitters giving them the pro-athlete experience they deserve,” Singleton said. He went on to explain his desire to “create a world class competition in Europe that offers exposure and opportunities to young athletes while ultimately creating a community that keeps them engaged in the sport for years to come.”

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Two male and two female athletes will emerge from the qualifiers and travel to Mallorca, all expenses paid, for the competition from March 28-31, 2024. Athletes must be under 20 years old on March 1, 2024 to compete.

To register for the qualifier, head over to Competition Corner!

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