Watch Damian Martinez Satorres Finish Zelos Games Workout 1.2 in 3:57

If you have been paying attention to the online qualifiers and competitions this offseason, you have probably seen the name Damian Martinez Satorres a lot. The 29 year-old from Spain has qualified for the Dubai Fitness Championship and Wodapalooza through the online qualifiers, finishing 7th and 5th, respectively.

He is also competing in the online portion of the Zelos Games. After finishing 2nd on Workout 1.1, Damian followed that up with a top of the leaderboard performance on 1.2.

On the video, Martinez is shown finishing the fast, burner workout in 3:51. However, his official time on the leaderboard stands at 3:57. It is likely he was given three 2-second no reps as part of the video review process.

Take a look at his video and watch the fastest recorded time so far.

Earlier this week we showcased Matilde Garnes’ 1.1 workout. You can watch that top performance here.

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