2019 CrossFit Games Event Schedule Clues Revealed

The 2019 CrossFit Games app is the easiest way to keep up with the events and leaderboards throughout the weekend. This morning, the app was updated and now reflects the framework of the event schedule.

The times and locations for events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday are listed out on the app. Details of which groups (individuals, teams, age groups) are not defined just yet, but based on how it has been set up in the past gives us some clues.

Here are some of the details of what we are seeing on the app right now:


  • Everything on Thursday is in North Park.
  • Opening Ceremony kicks off Thursday at 9:00 as previously reported and will last one hour in North Park.
  • Event 1 begins at 11:00 and lasts 90 minutes. This is likely the individual men or women. Another event, probably the other half of individuals, begins at 12:45 and is also 90 minutes.
  • The next event begins at 3:15 and is an hour. We are guessing this is Event 1 for teams.
  • There are two more events Thursday afternoon that are just 30 minutes each beginning at 4:30. Again, these are most likely the individual men and women competing.
  • Based on the events, it appears the Teens and Masters may not compete on Thursday.
  • Day 1 ends at 5:30.


  • Friday starts early at 8:00, before the times listed on the daily schedule. This is the busiest day of the weekend.
  • Most of the events are in North Park.
  • There are three events in the Zevia Age Group Pavilion. Teens and Masters should expect only three events in this pavilion, based on the timing of the events.
  • There are only two events listed in the Coliseum for Friday, beginning at 3:45.


  • Events begin at 10:00 in both the Zevia Age Group Pavilion and in North Park.
  • Only two events are in the Age Group Pavilion.
  • The afternoon features two 2.5-hour events in North Park. At the same time are four events in the Coliseum.
  • With individuals and teams not overlapping, it appears that this might be when we see the Teens and Masters in the Coliseum for an event.


  • There is very little information on the schedule for Sunday.
  • Yesterday, we reported that there is probably going to be a water event near Lake Monona beginning at 9:00. There is nothing on the app’s schedule reflecting this yet.
  • The only thing on the schedule for Sunday is the Teens and Masters award ceremony in North Park at 2:30.

Of course, some of this could change as we have seen in the past with the scheduling in the app. However, much of this appears to be well laid out and fits within similar parameters of how the schedule has been set up the previous two years. If this does not change, our guess is individuals may see 10-11 events throughout the weekend. This would be fewer events than we have seen in recent history.

Stay tuned as we continue to provide you with end-to-end coverage of the CrossFit Games.

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