Swim Event on Sunday at the Games?

Individual men preparing for Swim event at 2018 CrossFIt Games. Photo courtesy of @antlucic/Instagram
Individual men preparing for Swim event at 2018 CrossFIt Games. Photo courtesy of @antlucic/Instagram

With all the changes to the CrossFit Games, it looks like we also might see a change to when the athletes hit Lake Monona. Historically, the water event has occurred the first (or second) day of the CrossFit Games. This year, however, things appear to be changing.

According to the City of Madison’s Legislative Information Center, the CrossFit Games submitted a Street Use Permit Application for Sunday, August 4. In the application, CrossFit requested a street closure near the entrance of Lake Monona.

CrossFit requested its event begin at 9am on Sunday and run through 1pm. CrossFit also blocked off an area near the entrance of Lake Monona for a viewing area, large enough for attendance 2,000 people.

So what could this mean?

Dave Castro is definitely planning some type of water-based event on Sunday morning. The road closure on Olin-Turville Court is the only public road between Alliant Energy Center and Lake Monona, based on the same course of the 2017 Run-Swim-Run event. In the image above, athletes ran from the Alliant Energy Center to Lake Monona via the Wingra Creek Bike Path.

This leaves many options available to Castro from a triathlon or another Run-Swim-Rum event to a strictly water-only event.

Putting a Sunday event in the water should actually not be a surprise. In Castro’s book, Constructing the CrossFit Games, Castro said he played with the idea of moving the Run-Swim-Run event in 2017 to Sunday, but ended up keeping the same format as previous years. With a much smaller field (maybe even just 10 men, 10 women, 5 teams along with the 10-athlete fields for the Age Groups), putting this type of event together on a Sunday morning could be logistically easier.

We are just six days away from the start of the 2019 CrossFit Games, and only four days from the athlete dinner on Tuesday. Stay tuned to The Barbell Spin for our coverage of this year’s Games.

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