24.2 Live Announcement to be Held at Medeiros’ Shred Shed

Last week CrossFit announced that Justin Medeiros would face off against Colten Mertens during the 24.2 Open announcement. CrossFit, however, did not mention where the two would throw down. But on Saturday that question was answered.

At the end of Justin Medeiros’ latest video on YouTube, Justin revealed that the CrossFit Open 24.2 live announcement would be coming from the Shred Shed. You can watch the clip below:

YouTube video

In the clip, Medeiros said, “Sweet. Ok, well, I messed up earlier and I said that I didn’t think that one of the Open announcements would be in, or that we would be doing it in Week 2 because there’s lunges in it and you need bigger space and we are doing 24.2 in the Shred Shed. It’s gonna be freakin’ insane. Like I’m so freakin’ excited.”

Did you catch it?

Yes, Medeiros said 24.2 would be live from his garage gym, the Shred Shed. But…he also said he messed up earlier when talking about predictions for the Week 2 workout. At the 13:10 mark in the same video, there is a jump cut in which Medeiros admits that he said something that he wasn’t supposed to.

We obviously don’t know what he said (since it was edited out), but when piecing the two segments together, could Justin and team already know what’s in store for 24.2? Sevan tends to think so…as discussed in his most recent news show.

YouTube video

If you’re wondering about the 24.1 Open announcement, Alexis Raptis said in a video on Saturday that she would be heading out to San Francisco, technically Pleasanton, California. She did not share more details, but there is a CrossFit Pleasanton. Of course, she could have misspoke and meant to say Pleasant Hill, California, which is home to Diablo CrossFit. Either way, it’s likely that 24.1 will be in the San Francisco area.

YouTube video

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