AB CrossFit – Mayhem Muscles Its Way to the Top of Test 2

After a short rest, the teams took the floor again for a test of synchronicity and shoulder stamina. Test 2 is a 15 minute AMRAP of muscle-ups and thrusters.

The first two rounds (3 muscle-ups and 5 thrusters) saw all ten teams finish within 8 seconds of each other. CrossFit East Nashville PRVN and CrossFit OBA began to separate themselves from the pack in the rounds of 5 muscle-ups and 10 thrusters by a handful of seconds, but neither had the upper hand yet.

CrossFit East Nashville PRVN’s second pair of Taylor Williamson and Tola Morakinyo made their way to their 15 thrusters a mere four seconds ahead of CrossFit OBA’s Nik Hecht and Kelsey Kiel. OBA’s four second gap was short lived as Andrea Nisler and Tim Paulson extended the lead to ten seconds on the next round with 20 thrusters.

While TTT CrossFit Black had held 3rd place for a few minutes, CrossFit Mayhem Independence’s second pair of Sam Demeester and Zoe Jones established themselves in the third place position in the rounds of 9 muscle-ups and 20 thrusters.

The top three seeded teams were in the top three places in the rounds of 11 muscle-ups and 25 thrusters with 8th Day CrossFit knocking at the door. East Nashville PRVN had a lead of 30 seconds when Morakinyo and Williamson began their round of 11 muscle-ups and 25 thrusters.

8th Day CrossFit and Mayhem Independence fought for second place as OBA fell off the pace in the 25 thrusters.

East Nashville PRVN was alone in the lead for the rest of the event. With multiple breaks in the round of 13 muscle-ups, 8th Day CrossFit allowed Mayhem Independence to secure second place in the heat, and CrossFit Krypton to sneak by them in the final minute.

Although East Nashville PRVN won the heat, AB CrossFit – Mayhem and CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy 247 had done enough in heat three to secure first and second overall.

Event Results:

1st) AB CrossFit – Mayhem (269 reps)
2nd) CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy 247 (265 reps)
3rd) CrossFit East Nashville PRVN (263 reps)
4th) CrossFit Mayhem Independence (254 reps)
5th) CrossFit Krypton (250 reps)

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