CrossFit Eliminates Occupational Games

In 2021, CrossFit created a new online competition during the Games season called the Occupational Games. The first year featured athletes from six professions including military service members, law enforcement officers, firefighters, healthcare workers, college students and schoolteachers. The Occupational Games returned in 2022 and expanded the professions to eight categories.

When Dave Castro announced the creation of the Occupational Games in 2021, he said, “I think it can eventually turn into divisions at the [CrossFit] Games, based off the numbers.” Those plans, however, appear to have changed just two years later.

If you were looking for news or information about this year’s Occupational Games your search came up empty. That is because CrossFit shared during its Open press conference yesterday that the Occupational Games will not be held this year.

Adrian Bozman, Competition Director of the CrossFit Games, and Justin Bergh, General Manager of the CrossFit Games, shared the news and the reasons behind shutting down the online competition.

Bozman explained, “There wasn’t as much interest in some divisions as we had found that we had hoped for and, ultimately, there were so many things on the calendar that we had already committed to with the Quarterfinals and taking over the Semi[finals] again that we felt we wouldn’t be able to give it the attention that it was due to do it right.” He continued, “Sometimes you have to make those hard decisions…”

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Justin Bergh added, “The important thing for us is making sure we are putting our full focus and attention on the things that matter and in some cases being a little spread thin means there is [sic] compromises.”

The announcement during the press conference was the first time CrossFit had discussed that it would not be hosting the Occupational Games this year. While many still did use the hashtags again this year in hopes there would be a third year of competition, those athletes will not receive an invite to a next stage of competition.

But while the Occupational Games will not take place this year, Bozman did leave the door open for it to come back down the road, “Unfortunately, for this season that’s not one we are going to do, but that doesn’t mean the door’s closed on it forever.”

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