Dave Castro on 2024 CrossFit Games: “95% of Events Are Going to be Inside”

Last week CrossFit announced that the new home of the 2024 CrossFit Games is Ft. Worth, Texas. More specifically, the Games will be held over four days (August 8-11) in Dickies Arena, a 14,000-seat multipurpose arena. The announcement sparked a lot of discussion in the community ranging from the shortened Games (four days vs six in 2023) to the heat.

Since 2017 the CrossFit Games have been in Madison, Wisconsin, where the average high temperature in August is 81 degrees. That’s almost the average low for Ft. Worth. As for the high temperature in Ft. Worth, that’s 98 degrees with many days over 100!

The move to Texas combined with the Dickies arena, many speculated that most of the events would end up being inside. Those speculations were confirmed last night when Dave Castro told Mike Ritland on a pre-recorded episode of the Mike Drop Podcast that “95 percent of the events are going to be inside the arena…because it’s air conditioned.”

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Castro spoke about the “beautiful” $800 million Dickies Arena and its world-class amenities. Prior to being fired from CrossFit, Dave said that he and the team toured the facility along with the Birmingham CrossPlex in Birmingham, Alabama. Castro said he loved the Dickies Arena at the time and when he was brought back to the Games team he had his team look into whether Ft. Worth and the Dickies Arena was still available for the 2024.

Castro spoke about the change, “For the sake of freshness we kind of needed to move and we’re going to change the format of the CrossFit Games going to a venue like Dickies would be perfect.”

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That was not all that Castro touched upon during the 105-minute podcast. The discussion touched on numerous subjects including social media, his venture into olive oil, time as a Navy SEAL, injuries at the CrossFit Games and drug testing.

YouTube video

YouTube video

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