Dave Castro Wants 2027 CrossFit Games to be in Europe

The talk about moving the CrossFit Games outside the United States has slowly been getting louder over the years. When Ft. Worth was announced as the new home to the CrossFit Games, Dave Castro, General Manager of Sport, said that the move was a precursor to an eventual move to “more cities in the United States, but also…[to the] expansion overseas.”

Castro expanded on that during his interview with Laura Horvath this weekend. Near the end of their interview, Horvath asked, “Are you planning on staying in Texas for longer than a year?” in which Castro responded with, “Probably. Probably a couple years at least.”

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Horvath followed up with the question, “Are you still thinking of coming to Europe?” Castro answered, “Yes, for sure. I really hope…that’s the plan. I hope everything can fall in place for that to happen. I would like the 21st year of the Games to be in Europe.”

The first CrossFit Games was in 2007. That would make 2027 the 21st year of the CrossFit Games. So based on Castro’s response, we could see Ft. Worth host the CrossFit Games for three years before moving again.

And so if everything falls into place, the 2027 CrossFit Games could be in Europe.

YouTube video

YouTube video

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