Dave Castro’s 24.3 CrossFit Open Hint is a Raw Chicken Leg

After two weeks of obvious hints (ok, maybe not), Dave Castro has released his “hint” for 24.3 of the CrossFit Open. The video shared showed a picture of a chicken leg being eaten by his dog, Doug. 

Doug quickly consumes the entire raw chicken leg on camera. 

Could the hint mean that our legs are going to be hurting after a bunch of squats? Or could it mean that we are going to be crushed by a brutal final workout of the 2024 CrossFit Open?

So far the comments are all over the place…

@coffeepodsnwods: Commonly mistaken for a chicken leg, you can tell by the ligament structure around the bone and by the obvious difference in volume of bone marrow between this and a chicken leg that this is actually the leg of a ring necked pheasant. Rings in 24.3. Also worth noting that pheasants are well known to be leg rather than wing dominant birds, so rings and squatting

@heidicrume: This workout is going to be f-ing disgusting..like this clip

@austinscott_27: if this isnt the most obvious hint ever…squat on squat on squat 18.2 repeat

@shelly31615: Going to get eaten alive got it.

@crossfitlaketravis: Chicken wing BMU and the sound of our knees crunching from thrusters

We will find out who was right on Thursday at 3:00pm EDT (12:00pm PDT) during the 24.3 Open live announcement show. 

YouTube video

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