Jacob Heppner Completes All Six Regional Events…In 7 Hours!

Jacob Heppner followed through and completed all six regional events in one day…or actually in a span of just 7 hours! Heppner, who failed to qualify for regionals this year, continued his tradition of doing all of the regional workouts in one day.

Heppner completed this monumental task the day before he would have been competing at the Central Regional in Nashville, Tennessee. Since the Central Regional has not gone yet, we have compared his scores against the East Regional from last weekend.

Heppner’s times were:

Event 1: 38:52 (12th) 56
Event 2: 12:52 (1st) 100
Event 3: 9:11 (3rd) 88
Event 4: 7:07 (30th) 20
Event 5: 16:12 (6th) 76
Event 6: 5:12 (24th) 32

Heppner did, however, mix up the order of events because of his availability of equipment and judges. His order of events were 3, 2, 1, 5, 6 and 4. Heppner’s worst scores were on Event 4 and 6, the heavy snatches and heavy thrusters.

With those times, Heppner would have scored 372 points in the East Regional. That would have been good for 6th place, just 12 points outside of Marquan Jones’ 5th place finish. Not bad for doing the workouts alone (and in seven hours).

YouTube video

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