Katrin Davidsdottir Will Compete out of North America West in 2023

CrossFit has added to its list of athletes who have received a competition region exemption for the 2023 CrossFit Games season. Last month, CrossFit announced five athletes, including Roman Khrennikov, who had received the exemption ahead of the February 1 application deadline. And now CrossFit has added 11 names to that list bringing the total of approved athletes to 16.

The biggest name on the list of most recent additions is Katrin Davidsdottir. Born in Iceland, Davidsdottir was slated to compete in the Europe region, but after the exemption approval, the two-time CrossFit Games champion will now compete out of North America West.

Of the 16 approved exemptions, only two athletes (Khrennikov and Davidsdottir) are in the Top 100 and could impact the Strength of Field calculations.

Men (worldwide rank), Old Region > New Region
Roman Khrennikov (7), Asia > NA East
Carlos Albaladejo (158), NA West > Asia
Denis Samsonov* (160), Asia > NA East
Luke Tweddell (697), Europe > Asia
Conor McEleny (746), Europe > Oceania
Antonia Barrias (887), Europe > Asia
Fernando Carrillo* (2,602), NA East > Europe
Rainer Perez* (3,973), South America > NA East
Juan Pablo Rodriguez* (4,801), South America > NA East
Keith Stillman* (NR), NA West > Asia
David Wiggin* (NR), Europe > Oceania

Women (worldwide rank)
Katrin Davidsdottir* (17), Europe > NA West
Jenna Lenich* (592), NA East > Oceania
Emiliana Guerra* (1,585), South America > NA East
Stephanie Ortiz* (2,986), NA West > Oceania
Vicki Weber* (NR), Europe > Oceania
*Denotes most recent additions to competition region exemption list

As noted above, the deadline to apply for a competition region exemption was February 1. It is unclear if there are any applications that have yet to be decided by CrossFit.

We asked CrossFit for some additional information regarding the number of athletes who were denied their exemption application along with the number of applications currently under review, if any. CrossFit has yet to respond as of the time of this publication.

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