Laura Horvath Returns to #1 in Latest Spin Top 25 Media Poll

Move over Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr, Laura Horvath reclaimed the top spot in the latest Spin Top 25 Media Poll. In the April poll, Horvath received seven first-place votes, but more importantly the reigning CrossFit Games champion did not receive one vote outside of the podium. Joining Horvath at the top of the rankings was Ricky Garard.

Horvath, who dropped to second place behind Toomey-Orr in recent polls, bounced back in April following news regarding the health of Toomey-Orr’s wrist. While Toomey-Orr has stated in recent videos on her YouTube channel that her wrist is improving, she did not finish 24.3 of the CrossFit Open and continues to work around her wrist as she manages her way through the early stages of the season.

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Emma Lawson remained in 3rd place followed by Alex Gazan in 4th place. This month’s poll saw quite a few changes, especially on the women’s side, as athletes like Emma Cary and Ellie Turner elected to sit out this season. In their place, Dani Speegle, Emma McQuaid, Anikha Greer and Manon Angonese jumped into the Top 25.

Second-place finisher in the Open, Grace Walton, received 29 votes, but did not crack the Top 25.

On the men’s side, Ricky Garard held onto 1st place while Jeff Adler moved up to 2nd, followed by Roman Khrennikov. Pat Vellner and Dallin Pepper rounded out the top 5.

There was only one new addition to the Top 25 this month, Bill Leahy moved up to 25th in this month’s poll. Taylor Self and Brandon Luckett both received votes for the first time.

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