Rich Froning Shares Plan for 2023 CrossFit Games Season on The Sevan Podcast

Earlier today, Rich Froning joined Sevan Matossian on The Sevan Podcast. Early in the interview, Matossian asked the CrossFit Games champion what his plans were for the 2023 CrossFit Games season.

Matossian asked Froning what he is planning on doing with his athletic career, or more simply, what are his plans for 2023. Froning, while not wanting to make a full commitment to next season said he intends to do the 2023 CrossFit Open, the age group quarterfinal and semifinals. And then from there, Froning said he would compete in the 35-39 Masters division if he feels it would not take too much time away from his family.

When asked about teams, Froning confirmed that he is done competing in the team division. “I’ve exhausted that point in my career doing teams. I enjoyed it, loved every minute of it,” commented Froning. He continued that competing in the Masters division would be a new challenge and that training would be easier because he will be able to train on his own schedule rather than when his teammates are available.

However, Froning’s 2023 plans are dependent on how his shoulder feels. Froning also shared that he has been dealing with a nagging shoulder injury for the past two years. While he did not go into specifics of his injury, he said that it has become more of an issue recently.

Froning is taking next few months to to rehab the shoulder and avoid surgery. If all goes well and surgery is not needed, look for Froning on the Masters leaderboard.

Check out the full interview below…

YouTube video

YouTube video

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