Stephen Wallace Receives Same 4-Year Sanction as Teammate, Taylor Streid

Stephen Wallace, member of Team Blues City CrossFit Gold, received a 4-year sanction from a failed drug test while competing at the Syndicate Crown Semifinal this past May. Wallace’s suspension matches that of his teammate, Taylor Streid, who received the same 4-year sanction back in October.

Both Wallace and Streid tested positive for ostarine, a banned substance. According to Streid, she had her supplements tested at an independent lab after she was notified that her drug test came back positive for ostarine. In her statement on Instagram, she said she took an NSF-certified electrolyte packet that was contaminated.

Wallance and Streid appealed their drug test results when the initial announcement was made by CrossFit. The lengthy process concluded on October 30 for Streid when she received a 4-year suspension beginning May 22, 2022.

In a response by CrossFit following Streid’s suspension, CrossFit told The Barbell Spin that they waited to begin Wallace’s appeal hearing until Streid’s case was closed. A month and a half later, CrossFit announced Wallace’s similar 4-year suspension last night.

When Wallace received word of his suspension, he took to Instagram, which is now private, and shared responded to the announcement:

On June 18th I received an email from CrossFit notifying me that I failed my drug test from our 7th place finish at the syndicate crown.

I tested positive for a substance called Ostarine. Not ever hearing the name of this drug before I did some research and discovered that this substance is often cross contaminated in many other supplements/vitamins on the market today.

My first reaction was shock, disbelief, anger and fear. I couldn’t wrap my head around how this could have possibly happened. After reading the uses of this drug, I realize this is probably the last thing I need in my system, since having more than the sufficient amount of strength to compete since 2013. From those who know me, Not only have I been an advocate for drug free sport, but there is no use for me using this type of substance to advance me in this sport.

That being said I understand that I am completely responsible for everything that goes into my body. I am heartbroken that my career in this sport and community I have poured my soul into could come crumbling down for me in a matter of weeks. I hate being yet another athlete to come forward and say it, but I obviously took something unknown to my knowledge.

The hardest part of this is having my integrity questioned. I would never put myself, my teammates or the reputation of our gym in any position that would potentially cause question of character or ethics. I’ve already notified my community and my team of my mistake, and I am blessed to have a community that has my back in knowing that this was not intentional. I have already started the process of testing my supplements, and will be fighting this with every fiber of my being to prove that I am not a cheater.

Praying the best comes out of this situation. I will be back.

The details surrounding the appeal and CrossFit’s decision to issue four year bans is unclear at this time. CrossFit has handed out lesser 2-year sanctions in cases where athletes have been able to prove a supplement they were taking was tainted without their knowledge.

In fact, two cases this year have resulted in a 2-year sanction. Pedro Martins and Nasser Alruwayeh both received the shorter sanction after showing their supplements had been tainted.

Wallace’s sanction was the last open appeal from Semifinals. According to correspondence with CrossFit on November 2, there was still one ongoing appeal from the CrossFit Games. Since that time, no announcements have been made. We do know that individual and team athletes have received their prize money, which likely means that it was not from either of those divisions.

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