Tia-Clair Toomey is the 2018 Fittest Woman on Earth

For the second year in a row, Tia-Clair Toomey is the Fittest Woman on Earth. Toomey battled early with CrossFit Games rookie Laura Horvath, but a strong Saturday would separate Toomey from the rest of the pack.

Throughout 14 events Toomey only won two events, the CrossFit Total and Madison Triplus. Consistency, however, is what would carry Toomey to another CrossFit Games victory. Toomey had only one finish outside the top 10, a 14th place finish on the Marathon Row.

In 2nd place was Horvath. Horvath would lead after Day 1 and follow up with an event victory on Saturday morning on The Battleground. She would struggle on two events, 21st on the Clean & Jerk Speed Ladder and 17th on Fibonacci. Every other finish was inside the top 10. Horvath would also run away with Two-Stroke Pull on Sunday, her second event win of the week. And to top things off, she would win the final event.

Here is how Toomey finished each event compared to 2nd place finisher, Horvath.

Toomey Horvath
Crit 5th 2nd
30 Muscle-ups 2nd 3rd
CrossFit Total 1st 7th
Marathon Row 14th 4th
The Battleground 6th 1st
Clean & Jerk Speed Ladder 2nd 21st
Fibonacci 4th 17th
Madison Triplus 1st 7th
Chaos 3rd 8th
Bicouplet 2 6th 5th
Bicouplet 1 4th 7th
Two-Stroke Pull 7th 1st
Handstand Walk 10th 6th
Aeneas  1st 2nd


And in 3rd place was Katrin Davidsdottir. Davidsdottir, the two-time CrossFit Games champion struggled with the CrossFit Total taking 36th and 23rd on the Bicouplet 2. Davidsdottir did, however, end up with two event victories on the week.

2018 CrossFit Games Final Standings:
1) Tia-Clair Toomey
2) Laura Horvath
3) Katrin Davidsdottir
4) Kara Saunders
5) Annie Thorisdottir
6) Kari Pearce
7) Kristin Holte
8) Brooke Wells
9) Kristi Eramo
10) Cassidy Lance-McWherter

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