Two weeks ago CrossFit handed out penalties after the new video review policy. Cedric Lapointe was one of 26 athletes to receive a penalty. But while most were minor penalties for false starts, Lapointe received a major penalty.

That major penalty added 2:30 to his time on 20.1. His time of 8:16, good for 2nd in world was now 10:46. He dropped way down the leaderboard and out of contention of qualifying for the CrossFit Games via the Open.

When Lapointe was notified of the penalty, he quickly appealed the decision but never heard anything back from CrossFit HQ. Lapointe shared the news about his penalty and criticized CrossFit’s decision.

But on Sunday, just 10 days after the 20.1 penalty was announced, CrossFit has reduced the major penalty against Lapointe’s score to a minor penalty. Rather than 2:30 penalty, Lapointe has received a 5-second minor penalty.

His time is now 8:21 on the leaderboard, good for 6th in the world.

Scores are still rolling in, but as of 4:50 PST, Lapointe is sitting in 14th overall after 20.4.

We are unaware of any other successful appeals following video review at this time.