While the CrossFit Open plays an important role for individuals looking to qualify for the CrossFit Games, it is a different story for teams. The only way for teams to earn an invite to the CrossFit Games is by winning one of the 28 Sanctionals.

The CrossFit Filthy 150 was the first chance for teams to do such that.

The elite team competition featured 8 scored events over the past three days. Throughout the weekend, two European teams, The Athlete Program and The Progrm, were in charge and near the top of the leaderboard. That changed, however, on Sunday.

ROMWOD MeatSquad started off Friday with a disastrous Event 1, taking 13th place. From there it was just a matter of gaining ground on the rest of the competition. After Event 1, ROMWOD MeatSquad never finished outside the Top 3 in any event. Combined with two event victories, ROMWOD MeatSquad moved to the top of the leaderboard on Sunday and never looked back.

In doing so, The Progrm and The Athlete Program teams gave up too many points and fell to 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

Team ROMWOD MeatSquad is made up of only one individual CrossFit Games veteran, Brooke Haas. There is Games experience, however, with the other three members, Dex Hopkins, Christian Harris and Kelly Baker, having competed at the CrossFit Games on a team.

With an invite in hand, Brooke Haas will have a decision to make. Haas finished 24th worldwide and will have the opportunity to compete as an individual via the “Top 20” qualifier. Haas qualified for her first Games appearance last year where she finished 55th.

Overall Standings
1. ROMWOD MeatSquad (650) – $12,000
2. The Progrm (600) – $6,000
3. The Athlete Program (592) – $4,000