CrossFit, LLC Files Trademark Application for Workout Tracker Software

Last week, CrossFit, LLC, filed a trademark application for the use of “CROSSFIT” for the use in “computer software that allows users to track and utilize results of fitness workouts; computer application software for mobile phones, namely, software for tracking and retrieving fitness workout data.”

The ‘standard character mark’ filing was applied for on Wednesday, June 12, with Joel R. Feldman as the attorney of record. Considered a Word Mark, the trademark was filed without claim to any particular font style, size or color.

GOWOD Mobility Hero

The trademark application could be a precursor to launching an app to log workouts similar other third-party solutions like Beyond the Whiteboard, Fitr, Wodify, SugarWOD and more. Back on March 1, 2024, CrossFit filed a similar trademark application for “CROSSFIT MEDICAL SOCIETY”. Three months later, CrossFit officially announced the launch of CrossFit Medical Society.

The question, however, is whether CrossFit intends to own this new software or whether they will partner with an outside organization like they did with CrossFit Medical Society. However, there have been rumors of a direct-to-consumer product in the works. Combine that with the hiring of a Chief Product Officer, Ben McAllister, last August, all of this points to CrossFit launching its own new direct-to-consumer app soon.

With the CrossFit Games coming up in just under two months, could we see the official launch of a workout logging/tracking app? Stay tuned…

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