HWPO Training Acquires Deka Comp; Michele Letendre to Lead Affiliate Programming

HWPO Training is growing. The Vermont-based training camp has acquired Deka Comp and will add Michele Letendre to the HWPO team to launch its new affiliate programming.

Letendre, a six-time CrossFit Games veteran, launched Deka Comp in 2016 and the coach of Pat Vellner. As part of the acquisition, Vellner joins the HWPO Training athlete roster under Michele.

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Letendre is also the owner of Deka Gym located in Quebec, Canada. Letendre began as a coach at Deka Gym in 2013 and became the owner in 2021. While she is known by many as Vellner’s coach, Letendre has experience and expertise at programming for the general population at a CrossFit affiliate.

“She is the right person for the job when it comes to leading the charge for HWPO Training Affiliate Programming,” said Mat Fraser, HWPO Training Chief Product Officer. “We’re in the business of doing the right things, for the right reasons, with the right people — we waited a long time to come out with affiliate programming because we wanted it to align with those values. What Michele brings to the table is not only in line with our company core values, but the above principle as well.”

On May 6, current Deka Comp affiliate members and select invitees will gain access to HWPO Affiliate. Then on June 3, the new affiliate programming will be available to the public via SugarWOD, Push Press, Wodify, BWTB and the HWPO Training app.

“Joining HWPO Training is an honor. Since meeting Mat Fraser for the first time back in 2013, I’ve always had a profound respect for how he commits to his goals. To be working alongside coaches like Mat and all the accomplished coaches on the HWPO team is a great opportunity,” said Letendre. “Although Deka Comp’s journey comes to an end, it was a remarkable experience that I will forever benefit from. My extensive experience in the CrossFit space will help me provide the best possible service to affiliates around the world as well as contribute to the growth of HWPO Training. I am very excited to join the team and even more so to spend my time in the service of affiliates worldwide.”

For more information about HWPO Training and its affiliate programming, visit hwpotraining.com.

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