Khan Porter Looks Towards the 2023 Games Season Under the Watchful Eye of Jami Tikkanen

Coming off his 7th appearance at the CrossFit Games and a 4th place finish with his team, CrossFit Reykjavik, Khan Porter is looking forward to 2023 season. Porter, along with his teammates Lauren Fisher and Tola Morakinyo, moved to Iceland in early 2022 to compete alongside Annie Thorisdottir.

As part of the team training, the CrossFit Reykjavik team was coached by Jami Tikkanen, Thorisdottir’s long time coach. But now the focus has shifted to thinking about training for the upcoming Games season, Porter will continue to work with Tikkanen and The Training Plan program.

“Jami [Tikkanen] got me in the best shape of my life. We had some great conversations towards the end of the season about my plans and goals for 2023 and I feel confident that with him in my corner I can achieve, or even surpass those goals,” commented Porter when asked why he wanted to continue working with Tikkanen this season.

Porter continued, “We had an amazing six months working together and I’m excited to see what we can do with another 12.”

Tikkanen has coached Thorisdottir and Björgvin K. Guðmundsson for years. He was instrumental in helping Thorisdottir come back from a near career ending back injury in 2013. Tikkanen also coached Katrin Davidsdottir this past season before she departed recently to join Mat Fraser’s HWPO team.

After taking the past month off to recover from the intensive Games training, Porter has begun the process of getting back into the swing off things. And by hearing about his plans for the off-season, there won’t be much downtime.

Porter has already committed to compete at the Down Under Championship in the 3-person men’s team division in November. As for his teammates, that’s still a secret (so stay tuned).

Jami Tikkanen and Khan Porter discussing something very important during training.

But before that, Porter will be looking to qualify for the Dubai CrossFit Championship and the individual AND team competition for the TYR Wodapalooza Fitness Festival. That will make for a very interesting next two weeks as the Dubai online qualifier is already underway and the Wodapalooza online qualifier begins Thursday, September 15.

Both online qualifiers have workouts scheduled for the next two weeks. Luckily, the Dubai qualifier workouts can be submitted at the very end of the 3-week window on Tuesday, September 27. As for Wodapalooza, the OCQ scores are due each week. And with one week already into the Dubai qualifier, Porter’s next two weeks will be filled with online qualifier workouts.

With all of Porter’s plans for the off-season, you might be wondering what exactly his goals are for the 2023 CrossFit Games season…or if he will be trying to get back to the Games as an individual next year? I had the same question, but Porter remained tightlipped when asked.

So for now, we’ll just have to keep an eye on the online qualifiers over the next few months and speculate on what direction Porter will be heading next year. I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping we see him back on the floor as an individual…

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