pliability Launches New Pregnancy Path Mobility Routines

Last year, ROMWOD changed its name to pliability. The shift marked an expansion beyond the four walls of the CrossFit gym and into other fitness-based activities. From integrating with WHOOP to creating a mobility path for golfers, pliability has been branching into other sports while still holding true to its CrossFit roots.

This morning, pliability added its first specific mobility paths for pregnancy. Partnering with The MINT Prjct, the new Pregnancy Paths consist of three mobility routines per week and have been designed around the needs of each trimester.

Not only have the Pregnancy Paths been designed by a team of female experts who specialize in training and education for pregnancy and postpartum fitness, six-time CrossFit Games champion, Tia-Clair Toomey, has been following the new paths throughout her pregnancy.

“pliability has been a large part of my daily routine as an elite athlete and throughout my current pregnancy,” said Toomey. “I’ve naturally had to adapt my training plans and understand what is and isn’t safe to do, and with the help of pliability and The MINT Prjct team, I’ve been provided with the right exercises to help me with my movement patterns and range of motion which have been essential throughout my pregnancy.”

pliability, however, is not planning to stop here. Instead, they have plans to expand more into the space later this year. Cody Mooney, Director of Performance at pliability spoke of the new paths, “We at pliability have been especially excited to launch our Pregnancy Pathway. Our goal is to educate as many people about mobility health and help everyone move freely and comfortably through every stage of life – this includes pregnancy – often an area neglected or a sensitive topic in health and fitness, which is why our new Pregnancy Paths are educational and informative, with the aim to put expectant mothers at ease and understand how mobility and movement health can help support them throughout their pregnancy.”

The pliability app is available to download now on iOS, Android and any web browser. Videos can be watched on-demand, streamed to any screen, or downloaded for offline use. All users get a 7-day free trial before a flat rate of $17.95  per month or $179.95 Annually.

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YouTube video

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