ROMWOD is now pliability

Two weeks ago, ROMWOD began hinting at something new called pliability. One of our guesses was that ROMWOD was going to rebrand itself as pliability…and we were right.

Today, pliability is here. The ROMWOD iOS app has been updated and now has the new pliability logo and interface. Going to now redirects you to

So what is pliability?

In a letter published by Scott Perkins, a managing partner of ROMWOD/pliability, ROMWOD is rebranding as pliability works to expand beyond the CrossFit community and into a larger, more encompassing fitness community. pliability will still provide the same great daily mobility sessions (that I try to do as much as possible), but will now include even more content, an improved app, an enhanced mobility test and more.

While the name and look will be different, Perkins says that many things will stay the same. pliability will still be a private company that will stay committed to helping the community, even as it expands beyond CrossFit.

Check out the new pliability website. There is currently a 7-day free trial and it’s $13.95/month after that. So check it out and get into that lizard pose…

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