ROMWOD Hints at Something New…PLIABILITY?

Pliability is defined as “the quality of being easily bent; flexibility”. How ROMWOD defines that next month is still TBD. Yesterday, ROMWOD shared a short video on their social media hinting at something new in the works. The video ends with the word pliability.

ROMWOD hints at something new in the works…pliability.

In the caption, ROMWOD says, “Human movement, evolved. Our mission is to elevate performance – in sport and life. Coming September 7th.”

Since the launch of the video, ROMWOD sponsored athletes have been sharing links to The site features the pliability logo and an image of a woman using a foam roller. Visitors are asked to enter their name and email to get “on the list”.

A little Internet sleuthing found ROMWOD’s trademark application for PLIABILITY from back in May 2021. The logo looks like it has changed since the original concept was filed, but the application said the trademark registration was “intended to cover the categories of physical fitness instruction; Providing on-line training fitness classes and exercise routines in the field of physical exercise.”

So what is ROMWOD up to? Is it a new feature? A new training regimen? Could they be rebranding? Guess we will just have to wait a couple weeks to find out.

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