According to Annie Thorisdottir, Frederick Aegidius Will Compete at the 2018 CrossFit Games [Video]

Ever since CrossFit announced failed drug tests a few weeks ago and stated that there were more positive tests that were being appealed. Rumors had been circulating about who it could be. Now we might have narrowed it down to at least five people.

According to Annie Thorisdottir’s story on Instagram, her longtime boyfriend Frederick Aegidius will be competing at the CrossFit Games. Aegidius, however, finished 6th at the Europe Regional. That means if Thorisdottir is telling the truth (why wouldn’t she be?), one of the top 5 has lost their appeal.

Check out videos from her story:

Those five are:

  • Roman Khrennikov
  • Adrian Mundwiler
  • Lukas Hogberg
  • Andrey Ganin
  • Bjorgvin Gudmundsson

At this time (early Monday morning), CrossFit has not announced another suspension so it is only speculation as to which athlete will not be competing in Madison.

Annie Thorisdottir and Frederick Aegidius on Instagram Story.
Annie Thorisdottir and Frederick Aegidius on Instagram Story.

What is also surprising is that CrossFit is inviting a 6th place athlete. Last year, Ryan Elrod was suspended around this time (July 21 to be exact) and 6th place finisher Nathan Bramblett was not invited. So it is really unclear why, or how, CrossFit is changing their process.

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