CrossFit Suspends Ryan Elrod for Failed Drug Test

Ryan Elrod after qualifying for the CrossFit Games. @relrod57/Instagram
Ryan Elrod after qualifying for the CrossFit Games. @relrod57/Instagram

Ryan Elrod has shared on Instagram that CrossFit has notified him that he failed a drug test at Regionals. Elrod, 34, finished 5th in the Atlantic Regional, but subsequently tested positive for a prescription fertility medication.

CrossFit notified Elrod of the failed test and has suspended him for a period of two years. Obviously, this would mean Elrod would not be allowed to compete at the CrossFit Games in two weeks.

Elrod has the ability to appeal the decision, which we have been told he will do.

Elrod shared the news via Instagram earlier this afternoon. According to Elrod, he was taking the prescribed medication to help he and his wife get pregnant and that he had not been taking the substance since February when his wife was confirmed to be pregnant.

Elrod asked his followers for their opinions on the matter. So far, a majority of the comments on Instagram have been in support of him.

Talk about bumps in the road.. CF has just notified me today, that I will not be attending the Games and will serve a 2 year suspension for violating their Drug Testing policy. Really? Taking a prescribed fertility medication that helped my wife and I get pregnant, and not even listed on the banned substance list ?! AND not even taken since Feb when we were confirmed pregnant…. Ouch. Seems harsh to me. Think I cheated?… fine, I don’t want to compete if you think I earned it unfairly…. I know I didn’t. I know how hard I worked and how the programming was favorable to me at Regionals. I’m sad and hurt. I’m not mad at CF, they can make their own decisions and enforce whatever rules they feel necessary to keep a level playing field. I feel this is unfair. Please let me know your thoughts…. Be truthful, I want to know. @crossfitgames @crossfit @thedavecastro

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