Brent Fikowski Recaps Day 1 of the 2018 CrossFit Games

Brent Fikowski shares this image following the Marathon Row event at the 2018 CrossFit Games.
Brent Fikowski shares this image following the Marathon Row event at the 2018 CrossFit Games.

Brent Fikowski sits in 7th place after four events on Day 1 of the 2018 CrossFit Games. Fikowski’s worst finish on the day was 20th place on the CrossFit Total (which he expected). His best finish was on the Marathon Row where he took 4th. With three days remaining in the competition, he is 56 points behind Mat Fraser in 1st place and only 26 points off a podium spot.

With Thursday being a rest day, Fikowski wrote up a recap of his first day at the Games. He goes through each event one by one and shares what he experienced throughout the competition.

Overall Fikowski appears to be happy with how the first four events panned out. He ended up setting a PR on all three lifts of the CrossFit Total. And based on his comments it sounds like quite a few athletes did the same, including Mat Fraser and Patrick Vellner.

One of the interesting parts of Fikowski’s blog is when he, Vellner and Cole Sager all decided to hold their pace and not race each other in the final kilometers of the Marathon Row. Fikowski wrote, “As the race wore on, the first male athlete finished, then the second, then the cameraman turned their focus to Cole Sager, myself, and Vellner and started to rally up the crowd as they put it there was a close race for third. I smiled as I knew there was not, as we had already predetermined our placings in regard to self preservation for the rest of the weekend.”

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The marathon row wasn’t as boring as I had anticipated. Blog post on day 1 coming shortly… #Repost @crossfitgames with @get_repost ・・・ “Hey, guys, that really sucked.” – #MarathonRow winner @esslingerlukas said that after hobbling into the warmup area with an event win. – During the late stages, the boys were cutting deals. Esslinger and Lukas Högberg were out of reach, so the three-four-five spots were up for grabs among @ColeSager, @Fikowski and @pvellner. – Their monitors displayed more info than the screens the crowd could see, so Fikowski started chatting with Vellner, right beside him, about positions. – “Are you going to gun for me?” Vellner said Fikwoski asked. – “Honestly, I don’t care. … I don’t want to race you,” Vellner replied. – Fikowski shouted over at Sager, a few spots away, to confirm the plan. – In the back of Vellner’s mind was Roy Gamboa, who was out of yelling distance and couldn’t get in on the plan. – Vellner informer Fikowski that he might have to hold off a charge. – “If (Roy) kicks on me, I’ll let you know. That’s the best I can do.” – Gamboa didn’t, so Sager took third, Fikowski took fourth and Vellner took fifth—like in the plan. – Games Director @thrDaveCastro said this would be the toughest day in Games history, with four challenging events. Ben Smith, a 10-times Games athlete had to tip his cap to Castro. – “I’ll give it to him.” @crossfit204

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Fikowski is excited about the rest of the weekend and expects to do well on the remaining events. Read Fikowski’s full blog post here.