Carolyne Prevost Replaces Elly Kabboord on CrossFit Mayhem Independence

CrossFit Mayhem Freedom preparing for the CrossFit French Throwdown. Left to right: Carolyne Prevost, Chase Hill, Royce Dunne and Kristin Miller.
CrossFit Mayhem Freedom preparing for the CrossFit French Throwdown. Left to right: Carolyne Prevost, Chase Hill, Royce Dunne and Kristin Miller. Photo via Instagram

The CrossFit French Throwdown is next weekend. It is the last Sanctional and the last opportunity for athletes to earn an invite to the 2019 CrossFit Games. Just two weeks after Elly Kabboord shared that she had failed a drug test at the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship, CrossFit Mayhem Independence will be competing in an effort to join CrossFit Mayhem Freedom at the Games.

With Kabboord having to sit out in case her appeal is denied, Carolyne Prevost is joining the team in a final effort to make it to the Games. Prevost has already qualified for the CrossFit Games as an individual by finishing 14th worldwide in the CrossFit Open. Prevost will be teaming up with Kristin Miller, Royce Dunne and Chase Hill.

This is not the first time an individual Games athlete has helped a team at a Sanctional event. At the Down Under CrossFit Championship, Games bound James Newbury and Maddie Sturt helped Rob Forte and the X-Terminators win the team competition and earn an invite to the Games. Zeke Grove and Danielle Jenny replaced Newbury and Sturt on active roster for the Games.

Of course, this strategy does come with risks. Because Newbury and Sturt must stay on the team as alternates, if one athlete is injured and has to withdraw, the X-Terminators would not be able to compete at the Games unless Newbury or Sturt left the individual competition to compete on the team.

As for CrossFit Mayhem Independence, it is unclear who would replace Prevost should they win the CrossFit French Throwdown. With Kabboord likely suspended and Haley Adams qualifying as an individual, there are not any female athletes who regularly train with Froning and team in Cookeville, TN.

CrossFit Mayhem Freedom has already qualified via the Asia CrossFit Championship. That team recruited CrossFit Games veteran Chyna Cho to join Tasia Percevecz, Rich Froning and Dre Strohm.

The CrossFit French Throwdown begins Friday, June 28. Stay tuned to The Barbell Spin as we cover the final Sanctional of the season.

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