Yesterday, Alec Smith shared his coming out story in an emotional Instagram TV post. During the 4-minute video, Smith told his viewers (over 100,000 have watched so far) that he is gay.

“So I’m gay and I’m at the point in my life now where I’m okay with that. I’ve accepted it and I’m happy with who I am,” Smith said at the beginning of his video.

Smith continues by saying that he knew he was attracted to guys at the age of 12, which led him to hide from who he was throughout high school and college.

Recently, Smith told his closest friend that he was gay and that led to telling more of his close friends. And now he felt like it was time to open up this part of his life to his fans.

Watch Smith’s video below.

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Took a DNA test, turns out I’m gay 🌈

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Following Smith’s post, he has received tremendous support for his courage to share this part of his life. From his fans and followers to fellow CrossFit Games athletes, there were over 5,000 comments and 35,000 likes at the time of this article. Here are some of the supporting words left for Smith.

Noah Ohlsen: “Love you buddy. Proud of you. So happy for you!”

Pat Vellner: “Love you buddy.”

Cody Mooney: “Buddy! Love you! Such an amazing person and we are all thankful for you. Glad to call you one of my closest friends. ❤️”

Khan Porter: “Absolute legend. Your honesty and bravery will resonate with and help so many! ❤️🤙🏼”

Dani Speegle: “THAT’S MY BEST FRIEND 👏🏼❤️😍 love you always and forever”

Emily Bridgers: “Much love my friend! ❤️ there’s a whole lot of ‘love wins’ texts going around my gym right now 🙂 proud of you for sharing”

Christmas Abbott: “Let that beauty light SHINE! 🧡 love you so darn much.”

Mark Bell: “Take something from the video and put it towards your own lives”….damn you can say that again! There’s a lot to learn from this video. You are not alone in not knowing who you are, millions of people gay or otherwise feel like you. But if you do read this maybe this will help, my pops says Part of knowing who you are is knowing who you are not. That quote has always helped me, picking out who you’re not like seems easier then finding who you are. I’m going to repost this! 💪🌈

Jessica Griffith: “I love you more than life 🤗 wouldn’t have done this year with anyone else 💃🏼🕺🏽It was one of my faves too ☺️”

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