CrossFit Now Offers Dumbbell Workshop

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In addition to the more popular Level 1 and Level 2 Trainer courses, CrossFit also runs a variety of specialty courses. The number of specialty courses has grown over the years and includes courses such as Strongman, Striking, Pose Running, Kids and many more.

One of the latest specialty courses to be offered is a single-day class on dumbbells. Given the emphasis on dumbbells during the CrossFit Open and now Regionals, it is not surprising to see CrossFit offering a class to “teach ways to incorporate dumbbells into CrossFit training,” especially since affiliates across the country and world now have at least 35-pound and 50-pound dumbbells.

There are no prerequisites to attend the course, but CrossFit does recommend a basic understanding of CrossFit principles and movements are understood. There are two courses on the calendar – one in Milpitas, California, on July 22 and one in Somerset, New Jersey on August 19. The cost of the course is $349.