CrossFit Strikes Deal with WIT Fitness to Take Over CrossFit Store

Whatever It Takes (WIT) Fitness and CrossFit, Inc. have announced they have struck a deal to have WIT take over the CrossFit store. The announcement comes several weeks after and were taken down and directed to

WIT will take over the two website operations and provide a single, one-stop shop to purchase CrossFit merchandise. Reebok will be the key brand partner of the new CrossFit store through 2020. After that, it appears WIT will begin offering more of your favorite CrossFit brands alongside Reebok.

WIT will operate in both the United States and in Europe, a first for the CrossFit store. This will enable a wider distribution of CrossFit merchandise around the world. Initially, distribution will be solely from the EU location, but over the coming months a U.S. distribution center will be opened. WIT will offer discounted shipping to U.S. customers, along with 2-4 day shipping in the meantime.

“CrossFit is a sport that completely changed my life and set off a chain of events that lead us to where we are at WIT,” said Daniel Williams, CEO of WIT. He continued, “Having the opportunity to work with CrossFit on their e-commerce operation is a dream come true and the CrossFit consumer can be assured that we will always have their best interests at the heart of everything we do.”

Over the next few weeks, WIT will have a soft launch of the new website. WIT will be at the CrossFit Games, bringing with them a unique collection of brands in the space, as well as hosting the Crossfit Stuff booth. Following the Games, WIT will be begin offering a larger selection of CrossFit merchandise.

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