Interview with Richy Jordan, National Champion of Barbados

Richy Jordan, 2019 Barbados National Champion. Photo via Instagram/@richydan
Richy Jordan, 2019 Barbados National Champion. Photo via Instagram/@richydan

Richy Jordan will be heading to Madison, Wisconsin, in a few weeks to represent Barbados at the 2019 CrossFit Games. Jordan finished 1st in Barbados during the CrossFit Open to become the Barbados National Champion.

We caught up with Jordan to find out about his Bajan heritage, how the expansion of the CrossFit Games is good for the sport and what he is looking forward to when he is on the competition floor.

The Barbell Spin (TBBS): Your first CrossFit Open was in 2015. What was your athletic background prior to CrossFit? How did you get introduced to CrossFit?

Richy Jordan (RJ): Before CrossFit I was playing football (soccer) and general fitness going to the gym. My first time hearing of CrossFit was in a strength & conditioning session (weightlifting). A friend of mine showed me on YouTube the 2012 clean ladder and I was instantly hooked.

TBBS: You are the National Champion of Barbados, but you are currently training (and living?) in England. Can you share a little about your Barbados heritage? When did you move to England?

RJ: I was born in London, England, but I am a Bajan (Barbadian) citizen by decent. My grandmother (mother side) & father (Born and Raised) are Bajan citizens. I go back every year to visit family, cousins and friends.

TBBS: You finished 1st in Barbados and 7,646 in the world in the Open. What would you say to those who say the Games should only invite the top 40 in the world?

RJ: Any other sports competition is for everyone and everyone should get the chance of going to the CrossFit from around the world. Everyone has an opinion. I understand that everyone wants to see the top athletes compete at the games but CrossFit has given myself and other national champions a chance to represent country and perform at the biggest event of the year.

TBBS: How do you think opening up the CrossFit Games to more athletes around the world will help grow the sport?

RJ: It will give the CrossFit Games a bigger platform where you can support someone from your local box to represent their or you’re country, which can inspire others to do it. Also, it will introduce the world of CrossFit to the people who may or not of heard of it.

TBBS: What are you most looking forward to when you are in Madison?

RJ: Meeting and seeing the awesome CrossFit community & athletes compete/being part of the CrossFit Games.

TBBS: What are your goals for the Games?

RJ: The goal this year was to just to be the National Champion of my country. Competing at the Games is a blessing only a small amount of athletes can take part in. Now it’s to just about enjoying the moment (survive the swim lol) and give everything I’ve got on each event.

TBBS: What types of events do you think you do well in?

RJ: We will have to wait and see. Something like a 60m Sprint, Ring Muscle Ups and Barbell movements.

TBBS: What do you enjoy doing when you are not in the gym training?

RJ: I enjoy being with my family, going out to eat, taking my son out, playing football watching sporting events hanging out with my friends.

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