Jacob Heppner Weighs in on CrossFit Games Programming

Jacob Heppner at the 2019 CrossFit Games.

Jacob Heppner made it back to the CrossFit Games after a two-year hiatus. Heppner took full advantage of his time at the 2019 CrossFit Games by advancing to the top 10 and finishing 6th overall.

Now, a few days after the Games have ended, Heppner has shared his thoughts about the event programming and the cuts after each event. Heppner’s comments come as many, Games athletes and fans, have weighed in on this year’s format changes.

Heppner starts by saying that the timing and depth of cuts are not worth arguing about because it is ultimately CrossFit HQ’s decision on how to run the event, both from a logistics standpoint and just because they can decide on that format.

Instead, Heppner takes a look at the movements programmed each day along with before/after the final cut to the top 10. But rather than just say that the heavy 1RM weightlifting element was too late, Heppner uses the “CrossFit Pyramid” as his theory of why the Games were programmed the way it was this year.

CrossFit Pyramid
CrossFit Pyramid

Heppner argues that the programming this year fell in line with the CrossFit Pyramid shown above. More emphasis was placed on metabolic conditioning and gymnastics versus weightlifting.

His argument could actually be correct. When the 2017 Regionals rolled around and no barbells were in sight, it was a shift by CrossFit to get back to the pyramid. And now with this year’s programming, it appears CrossFit is once again saying that athletes need to focus on metabolic conditioning and gymnastics more.

CrossFit Pyramid, movement weighting through each event, by Jacob Heppner.
CrossFit Pyramid, movement weighting through each event, by Jacob Heppner.

And when you look at the cumulative movements through the cuts, the pyramid and events relatively line up. Check out Heppner’s video below. It’s 12 minutes and let us know if you agree or disagree with his thoughts!

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