Katrin Davidsdottir Leaves Reebok, Joins NOBULL

Katrin Davidsdottir joins NOBULL. Photo via Instagram, @katrintanja
Katrin Davidsdottir joins NOBULL. Photo via Instagram, @katrintanja

Katrin Davidsdottir won the 2015 and 2016 CrossFit Games. Since that time, Davidsdottir has been sponsored by Reebok, the title sponsor of the CrossFit Games. Yesterday, however, Davidsdottir announced she was joining NOBULL.

The move likely came after her agreement with Reebok expired. As part of the CrossFit Games contract between Reebok and CrossFit, Inc., Reebok had the right to enter into an endorsement contract with the CrossFit Games champion. Since Davidsdottir was crowned Fittest on Earth, NOBULL has gained traction and has become one of the dominant shoe companies in the CrossFit space.

It also doesn’t hurt that Davidsdottir’s coach, Ben Bergeron, is highly involved with NOBULL. Bergeron’s other female athlete, Brooke Wells, is sponsored by NOBULL as well.

The move to NOBULL is the first major sponsorship change after CrossFit announced that athletes would not be required to wear Reebok footwear at the CrossFit Games. This means that athletes can wear any shoe of their choice, providing brands like Nike, Inov8 and NOBULL the ability to showcase their shoes on the biggest stage.

NOBULL co-founder Michael Schaeffer commented, “Katrin Davidsdottir fully embodies everything it means to be NOBULL. Her dedication to the process of improving her fitness fully aligns with our belief that the reward comes from putting in the work day after day.”

Davidsdottir joins a NOBULL athlete roster full of CrossFit Games athletes including Brooke Wells, Kristi Eramo and Sam Dancer.

As for the timing of the announcement, it came just one day before the official launch of Reebok’s Nano 9.

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