Mat Fraser has won the CrossFit Games for the third consecutive year. Fraser wore the white jersey ever since the third event, CrossFit Total. From there he would only win two events, but his worst finish was 11th on the Marathon Row. In total, Fraser would finish in the top 5 every event except the Marathon Row and Chaos (9th place).

Last year’s 3rd place finisher Patrick Vellner would move up one spot to take 2nd overall. Vellner’s week started off with on the wrong foot when he encountered bike problems and had to use a spare bike that did not fit him. Vellner would take 35th to open the CrossFit Games.

Vellner would slowly chip away and move to the top of the leaderboard with an event win on Chaos and five more top 5 finishes. Vellner would also hit a huge deadlift on the CrossFit Total – a 595-pound PR.

And in 3rd place was Lukas Hogberg. Hogberg and Brent Fikowski tied in points, but Hogberg won the tiebreaker by winning the Two-Stroke Pull event earlier in the day. In that same event Fikowski took 2nd place. The tiebreaker is based on the highest finish in an event.

2018 CrossFit Games Final Standings:
1) Mat Fraser
2) Patrick Vellner
3) Lukas Hogberg
4) Brent Fikowski
5) Bjorgvin Gudmundsson
6) Noah Ohlsen
7) Cole Sager
8) Rasmus Anderson
9) Willy Georges
10) Cody Anderson