Next Up: 2017 CrossFit Lift-Off Powered by Rogue Fitness

Jacob Anderson During Squat Clean Ladder
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Now that the Team Series is all wrapped up, the next off-season CrossFit competition for the masses is the CrossFit Lift-Off powered by Rogue Fitness. This year’s Lift-Off will mark the 3rd year for the Olympic Weightlifting-based online competition.

The 2017 CrossFit Lift-Off will run from November 30 through December 4. Those competing will have five days to record their best snatch and clean & jerk along with completing a standard CrossFit WOD.

Prizes for the top overall score (ranking similar to the Open), top “Pound-for-Pound” lifters, weightlifting total, best snatch, best clean & jerk and prizes for all division winners (teens, masters and weight classes).

The first year of the competition was dominated by American weightlifters, including Caine Wilkes and Olympian Sarah Robles. Last year international weightlifters joined the fray. The overall prizes still went to the top CrossFit athletes.

Registration for the 2017 CrossFit Lift-off opens October 19. Cost to enter is $10.