Sam Briggs Has Not Received Visa, May Not Compete at CrossFit Games

Sam Briggs during The Separator at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games
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Sam Briggs is now the second athlete to encounter visa issues to travel to the United States to compete in the 2018 CrossFit Games. In an Instagram post earlier this morning, Briggs was asking for help from her followers to get a last minute visa approval.

Briggs has been working with her lawyers and must receive her visa tomorrow in order to make it to Madison, Wisconsin, in time to check-in to compete. Briggs is hoping someone who works in Border Customs Control or knows someone who does can assist in getting it approved.

Briggs is set to compete in the 35-39 Masters division after having to withdraw from the Europe Regional after fracturing her elbow.

If someone can help her, she has offered to donate any of her prize money from the Games to a charity their choice. If you can help, she says to email her lawyer at [email protected]

As mentioned earlier, Briggs is the second athlete to have visa issues. Individual athlete Roman Khrennikov was denied his visa application as he attempted to travel from Russia.

This is not the first time Briggs has encountered visa issues. Back in 2016 Briggs received her visa at the last minute and arrived in Carson, California, just in time. Similar to this year, Briggs requested help from the CrossFit community via Instagram.

Will Briggs be able to pull off another via miracle this year?