Longer Video of Strongman Brian Shaw’s 12.8 Second 100-Meter Row

A couple days ago, Brian Shaw was shown on Mark Bell’s Instagram page rowing a 12.8 second 100-meter row on the Concept2 rower. At the time it was thought to be a world record, however, it now looks like it may (or may not) be one. The official world record is 12.77 seconds set by Ross Love.

The Concept2 rower rounds to the tenth of a second it’s hard to say without checking the rower’s computer to find out the official time. Regardless of whether it’s a world record or not, it’s impressive to say the least.

Mark Bell put up a longer video on his YouTube channel. Watch as Shaw looks like he is going to break the rower before going all out. And if you need a rower, get one from Rogue Fitness.