$500,000 Prize Purse for 2023 TYR Wodapalooza

The 2023 TYR Wodapalooza prize purse is a staggering $500,000! This prize money will be shared amongst the elite individuals, elite teams of 3, Masters and Adaptive divisions.

The payouts have doubled for the Elite Teams of 3 and Masters divisions, but 1st place in the Elite Individual division has been lowered this year.

Coming off the news that the Elite Individuals will only compete two days this year, Wodapalooza has dropped the top prize to $75,000 in 2023. Last year, champions Pat Vellner and Emma McQuaid each earned $100,000 for the top podium spot. Taking 2nd place will remain at $35,000 and 3rd place has increased to $25,000. Additionally, 6th through 9th place will earn $1,000 more for their achievements.

Elite Individual Prize Money
1st: $75,000
2nd: $35,000
3rd: $25,000
4th: $10,000
5th: $7,500
6th: $5,000
7th: $4,000
8th: $3,000
9th: $2,000
10th: $1,000

The good news for the elite individuals is that with the shortened schedule, they will have the opportunity to jump into the Elite Team of 3 competition over the weekend. And to make things even better, the total prize money for the Elite Team of 3 divisions has doubled. First place will now take home $30,000!

Elite Team of 3 Prize Money
1st: $30,000
2nd: $15,000
3rd: $10,000
4th: $7,500
5th: $3,500

The 1st place winner in each Masters division will now take home $2,000 this year, double what the champions earned in 2022. And the top of the podium in the Adaptive RX divisions will still receive $2,000.

Week 1 scores are due tonight…so if you want some of that prize money make sure you submit your scores!

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