A Preview of the Men’s Roster at the 2022 Zelos Games

With the in-person competition of the Zelos Games kicking off this weekend, we are taking a look at the men and women who will be in Las Vegas to throw down at Camp Rhino CrossFit. Earlier today, we previewed the 12 women who be in attendance.

And now it’s the guys turn. Here are the 12 men who will be throwing down at Camp Rhino CrossFit:

Matt Dlugos

Matt Dlugos has not yet been to the CrossFit Games, but he keeps getting closer and closer. After two Regional appearances on a team, Dlugos has made it to the Semifinals the past two years. This year he finished 7th at the Granite Games, five spots better than his 12th place finish at the CrossFit West Coast Classic in 2021.

Instagram: @mattdlugos

Logan Ewing

Logan Ewing is just 21 years old, but he is one to keep an eye on. Ewing made it to the CrossFit Games in the Boys 16-17 year old division back in 2018 where he finished 15th. Since then, he has made the jump to the Open division where he qualified for the CrossFit Atlas Games this past season finishing 23rd overall.

Instagram: @_loganewing_

Leo Franco

Leo Franco has been steadily climbing up the leaderboard since his first CrossFit Open in 2017. The past two seasons he has qualified for the Semifinals. In 2021 he placed 20th at the CrossFit West Coast Classic. This past season he improved upon that and took 10th overall at the Granite Games.

Instagram: @leolafleurr

Ethan Helbig

Ethan Helbig made it to the CrossFit Games back in 2018 where he would finish 33rd overall. After taking a year off in 2021, Helbig is making a comeback. He made it to the Quarterfinals in 2022 where he finished 206th in North America.

Instagram: @ethanhelbig35

Tudor Magda

Tudor Magda was one of the top teenagers from 2017-2020. During that stretch he won the Teenage Boys 14-15 year old division in 2018. He took 3rd in the 16-17 year old division the following year, but then his season was cut short in 2020 (for obvious reasons). Now, in the Open division Magda qualified for the CrossFit Games this past season finishing 34th overall.

Instagram: @tmagda1

Pete Mason

Peter Mason is no stranger to CrossFit. Mason has competed in the CrossFit Open since 2014 when he finished 26,683rd worldwide. Since then, he has been working his way up the leaderboard year after year. The past two seasons reflected that as he qualified for Semifinals both years. This past season Mason placed 15th overall at the CrossFit Atlas Games.

Instagram: @pistolmason

Caleb McClune

Like Ellia Miller, Caleb McClune was the fittest military service member and school teacher in the 2021 Occupational Games. Then in 2022, McClune was able to qualify for Semifinals where he competed at the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge. McClune would wind up finishing in 21st overall.

Instagram: @m7mcclune

Mike McDonald

Mike McDonald has dad strength. As a father of five, McDonald was finally able to break through to the Semifinals in 2022. After finishing 118th in the North America Quarterfinals, McDonald earned a trip to Syndicate Crown where he would end up 24th overall.

Instagram: @themikemcdonald2.0

Tola Morakinyo

Tola Morakinyo is likely the strongest athlete to compete in Vegas this weekend. On top of that, he is no stranger to the CrossFit Games. Morakinyo has competed on a team at the CrossFit Games four times since 2017. This past season he teamed up with Annie Thorisdottir, Lauren Fisher and Khan Porter at the Games this year where they just missed the podium, finishing in 4th place.

Instagram: @tolakinyo54

Jack Rozema

Jack Rozema has found his stride over the past two seasons. After moving up the Open leaderboard since 2017, Rozema broke through in 2021 where he qualified for the Granite Games. There, he would go on to take 15th overall. Then this past year he was back at Semifinals, this time at the CrossFit Atlas Games. Rozema would finish 16th.

Instagram: @jackrozema7

Denis Samsonov

Denis Samsonov has been the fittest athlete in Kyrgyzstan for the past four years. And last year he took 4th place overall at the CrossFit Asia Invitational Semifinal. This past season, Samsonov would finish 21st at the Last-Chance Qualifier.

Instagram: @the_fittest_wizard

James Sprague

James Sprague has successfully bridged the gap from the Teen to Open division. After competing at the CrossFit Games twice as a teenager, Sprague has shown he has what it takes to compete with the best. He has since made it to the Semifinals the past two seasons where he narrowly missed qualifying for the Games. He took 6th overall at the Syndicate Crown and followed that up with a 7th place finish in the Last-Chance Qualifier.

Instagram: @spraguerrrr

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