Forecasted Thunderstorms This Weekend Could Impact Rogue Invitational

The 2023 Rogue Invitational kicks off Thursday night at 6:00 pm Central Time with Individual Event 1 – Texas Heavy. It will continue for the next three days until Dell Diamond Stadium closes at 4:00 pm Sunday afternoon. All of the events are scheduled to be outside on the baseball field.

While the outdoor venue is perfect when the weather is nice, the opposite is true if rain and thunderstorms move into the area. And, unfortunately, that is the current forecast for the next four days.


Scattered thunderstorms are forecasted to enter the area Wednesday night and continue through Thursday morning. Right now it appears the threat for thunderstorms decreases by the start of Texas Heavy Thursday night, but there is still a 40% chance of rain.

The next three days all have between a 40-60% chance of rain throughout. The forecast is saying the likelihood is for scattered showers, which hopefully means it will be hit or miss and short bursts of rain rather than a prolonged downpour.

But even short periods of rain could impact the competition. From wet platforms to wet pull-up bars or barbells, or just delays to the start of events, the weather may cause Rogue to implement some contingency plans in place.

During an appearance on The Sevan Podcast last night, Caity Matter Henniger, co-owner and Chief Sales Officer at Rogue Fitness, acknowledged the threat of rain and the potential impact to the event, “There’s been some weather in the area. We have contingencies throughout the weekend that we’ve already been talking about.”

Right now it appears inclement weather affecting the competition is hovering around 50/50 throughout the competition. After seeing the events that have been announced so far, let’s hope we get the good 50%.

Make sure to watch our Rogue Invitational preview show tonight at 7:30 PM Eastern / 4:30 PM Pacific tonight!

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